Vision Boards / Dream Boards

How to make them and why they work. Seeing is Believing!

It doesn’t matter the individual, each of us have at least one thing
in common; we each have our wants and dreams. The thing that
separates most of us is some believe that anything is possible and
achievable while the rest of us make excuses on why we can never
grasp the things we wish for. Every now and then I along with
thousand of other leaders host something called a “Dream Board event”.

What are Vision / Dream Boards?

A piece of paper, cardboard, or poster board with several clippings of magazine or article pictures and words that describe or show what one desires most. It is believed that if you can put something on paper it is easier to focus on your goal rather then simply keeping it in memory. A dream board is a constant reminder on the things that you bust your hump for.

How can I make a Vision / Dream Board?

Not only can this be a creative and fun way to set your goals, but it can also give you something to imagine your rewards for dealing your stressful situations. Find something to paste your pictures, words, or quotes that mean something to you on. Then flip through magazines, brochures, anything that you can see yourself finding something that you would like in the future- cut it out. As you cut it out paste it on your board. Once your project is complete take a look at all of the things that you have posted and think of ways to seize them. Come up with figures if you would like. For example, something on my dream board is a treadmill. Let’s figure the treadmill that I want costs around $500. If I save $100 a week I could possess that in 5 weeks.

Wall-la! You can now make a dream board of your own. Stand back every day and look at your board visualizing how you can get all of those things! Once you have everything, make a new board! It’s that simple.

And if you don’t have the time to gather up the supplies you need to do your board, below is a great site for you to do it online! Have Fun!

Dream Big Because Everything is Possible!

Great Site to build your Vision/Dream Boards!

How would you like to learn about a tool that will help you achieve your goals and dreams faster and easier than you imagined possible?

Click on the link below to learn about a practical tool for you that can change the way you experience success.

It’s an on-line Vision Board that you create easily without downloading any software!

And, you can create up to 5 boards!

Features included when you create your boards:

• Choose from a variety of music to play when you view your Vision Board (or upload your own MP3 music).

• Choose from 1000’s of photos to use from the archives or you can even upload your own photos.

• Choose from a variety of inspirational messages and affirmations to add to your board or you can create your own.

• Once you create your Vision Board(s), click on an icon and you can view your board as a Flash movie or in an html Power Point like format.

• Editing and updating your Vision Board is as easy as point and click.

• You can view your Vision Board from any computer that has an internet connection.

• Share your board with a friend.

And much more!


If you See It – Believe It – you will RECEIVE IT!

Love & {{hugs}},


Suc-cesssss,Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo…….All Aboard, next stop…


3 Responses to “Vision Boards / Dream Boards”

  1. Annie Says:

    Vision Board is a powerful gift that will manifest miracles in your life.

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you so much Annie for you input. I hope everyone takes advantage of this amazing project and all their dreams come true!


  3. Annie Says:

    your welcome. I hope so. have a great day

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