The Mind of An Abuser… What Makes Them Tick…


Let’s find out and dig deep:

I don’t understand why an abuser does what an abuser does. I don’t understand how they can treat women, children and animals so cruelly.

I was abused for 26 years…I know I don’t want to hurt others the way I felt pain and lived in darkness, so I broke the abuse chain…why don’t they? What makes an abuser tick…

Is it because:

• They were abused and bullied?
• They were controlled so now they want to control?
• They were teased in school so badly because they were different?
• They were raped?
• They had a hard life?

…. Just a few questions to ask an abuser…and maybe give them a wake up call…


• Why – if you were abused and you understand the hurting burning pain inside us… do you proceed to hurt the ones that love you the most and would do anything to give you the tender touch you so once desired?
• Why won’t you allow your home to be a peaceful and safe place?
• Why aren’t you tired of saying I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again, I promise?
• Why aren’t you tired of being angry at your past?
• Why are you an abuser? ☹
• Why don’t you see, you truly need help?

Dear Abuser,

How about putting down your guard and in the comfort of your own privacy, where no one can see you, please read the questions again and really give them some serious long hard thought. Read it over and over if you need to, just understand that your loved ones are crying and scared, like you once were – of the one person they wish loved them the most.
And that my friend, is you. ☹

As you are thinking about this, remember the horrifying pain you went through in your life and how very scared you were…please stop doing it to your loved ones today.

Please make today the day and this moment right now the time you crave the line in stone and make a change to help yourself and your loved ones have a loving wonderful life together…

Just think what a warm sincere {{hug}} will do for you and for them…

Please answer the questions above and hopefully understand the pain and nightmare that your loved ones are living in. They love you and they don’t want to leave you but the day will come, that they will have had enough…

When you’re done, look in the mirror and see who others see you as… a monster ☹.

And while you’re doing this, may I ask a favor of you?

We can and will forgive anyone that shattered us and I would love to welcome you to Woobie’s Corner as one of our “Heroes of Change”.
Won’t you join the club today and start making a positive impact for all others?

If you would go to my website and click on this blog, go to the bottom and hit reply and give us your answers to these questions and share with us how you plan to start today to change and make a difference, this would be great. Now we can all understand, grow and heal together… you can remain anonymous.

How about starting a new beginning and really go for the help you need. Here is the information.

Thanks for taking a moment and feeling our pain…

Your spouse, children and pets are waiting for you to smile inside and out!

Love and warmest {{hugs}},


Note to the victim:
Print this out and just put it in their pocket or computer case where they can find it and read it when they aren’t around you. If they respond back in a positive way and start to go for help, that’s good, if they don’t, then maybe this is your wake up call…


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6 Responses to “The Mind of An Abuser… What Makes Them Tick…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    anonymous comment to share…I think it is all of the above. However, oftentimes abusers have been abused themselves so it creates a vicious cycle of violence, anger and self loathing. Not an excuse but a clear indication that there are alot of people in the world that need divine healing.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    anonymous comment to share:
    Dear Ms. Eldridge: Thank you for sharing. Buddhism has helped me break away from the need or desire for revenge, because I truly believe the cycle of samsara and wheel of karma continue to move without my direct action.
    Some go through years of formal counseling, but Buddhism is the most effective for me and work. Work … Read Moreis Occupational Therapy (e.g., “idle hands make for the devil’s work). Work also helps to forget about the past, so we can stay focused on the here and now and the future. Work also helps to expend excess energy, so we are not inadvertently creating entities from the emotions that may harm others. That’s not to say that sometimes I feel the need to lay on a rock or concrete for re-centering and to ground negative energy. Those areas where AA meetings are held on Indian reservations — the dirt of the earth is clean — as in clear of negative or sick energy. Not all tribes are unfriendly or harmful.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    anonymous comment to share: I saw that you have a lot of questions concerning why a person choses to abuse someone else..though this website might offer some insite

  4. admin Says:

    Thank you for sharing your words. Tocha.

  5. admin Says:

    Your words are heard and very powerful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. admin Says:

    Thanks for sharing this powerful site with us.

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