alexfranqui Alex Franqui


“Lyn-Dee Eldridge is an inspirational author, and a powerful motivational speaker who presents her message with passion. She has assisted our leadership and organization expand its vision and aspire to reach their full potential.”

dan-and-gena-turpin Daniel and Gena Turpin

Spa Owners in Weston Florida

For as long as we have known Lyn-Dee, she has always been passionate about Paying it Forward! She shows great strength that everything is possible and has helped us and so many of our employees rise to the top of their game! Love her spirit and how she truly does touch others to help them accomplish so much and more!

harland-stonecipher Harland Stoneipher

CEO, Founder and Chairman of Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.

“What an amazing Lady! Lyn-Dee has accomplished so much even when there where major obstacles in her way. To be a true leader, you have to be able to lead by example and Lyn-Dee has perfected this. She really understands what needs to be done to become a strong leader and she has a wealth of information that everyone can learn from. She gets it and I am so impressed with her.”

jason_tremblay Jason Tremblay

CEO and co-founder of SellMyTimeshareNOW.com

Says, “Lyn-Dee is one of the most dynamic and inspiring speakers available today. She frequently speaks to our staff of 160 employees and always manages to virtually lift people right out of their seats. I’ve seen very few people with such an uncanny ability to connect with any audience. If you’re looking for a high energy speaker who can deliver a message that matters—your search is over.”

ron-sweet Ron Sweet


“Lyn-Dee is a powerful speaker who can get even the most reluctant person out of their seats and into action. She has no fear to tell it like it is and has fantastic insight to get to the root of the situation.”

tracy-broughton Tracy Broughton

Entrepreneur / Former Miss Black California

“Lyn-Dee’s straightforward, honest and raw approach breaks down all barriers and allows you to absorb and embrace her information. Her huge heart make you feel like you’ve been best friends forever. Her style is entertaining and genuine. It’s a pleasure to know her.”

yvette-mayo Yvette Mayo

CEO, President Mayo Group Benefits

“A great success story in her own life, Lyn-Dee Eldridge is excited to share and educate from the stage with a powerfully passionate belief in helping others. Her energetic ability illustrates, in coming out of one’s comfort zone, anyone can achieve success. This gets her message across that our future is really in our hands. Lyn-Dee is to be congratulated for her many achievements well done. I am anxiously looking forward to reading her book!”

gail-sinclair Gail Sinclair, MHT, CNC, MNLP, MTLT

International Award Winning Speaker

“Lyn-Dee comes from the heart. Her compassion and paying it forward attitude makes her an amazing teacher whose lived her lessons. Lyn-Dee draws us out of our places of hurt and pain with her smile, wisdom and knowledge. The world is fortunate to have this great teacher in our midst.”

Nancy Horneman,


“Thank you for so many things! For inspiring 1000’s from the stage to our one on one sessions! Thank you for the many gifts your book has given me! You are an amazing women of strength and grace,
Thank you for all you are doing to make a difference in so many people’s lives,
Thank you for being Lyn-Dee.
I am very grateful you have touched my life in so many ways.
I love you Lady, way to go!!”

DeBorah Beatty Deborah Beatty,

The “Created Life” Coach
Accredited NAOFP Mentor

“Lyn-Dee, Thanks again for being on the show and creating all sorts of wonderfulnesses! I knew you were a powerhouse the moment we connected, and when you were on my radio show I knew I had met a kindred soul. We laughed, we empathized, we connected. You truly are my Woobie, too.”

Lyn-Dee Eldridge is a phenomenal leader.  Her ability to gain trust and confidence with here associates is uncanny.  Not only is Lyn-Dee a great leader, but possesses the ability to mentor and guide others to learn and do those things with their associates which will bring success and duplicate.  I am grateful to have Lyn-Dee as the person I work most closely with building my business.  In addition to her leadership and knowledge Lyn-Dee is available and prompt, honest and courageous, funny and candid.  When you or anyone is ready the teacher arrives in the name of Lyn-Dee Eldridge.

George J Castañeda Jr
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