Taking the Advice Your Mentors Recommend.

How many books have you read and are you reading?
How many audio’s have you listen to and are you listening too?

Just don’t read and listen to them, apply the knowledge that is given to you from them. I have heard it over and over again, I read _______ and it was a great book, I got a lot out of it. My reply, “that’s great, what steps have you taken to get the results you want?” Answer more then none… “I haven’t done anything, I’m too busy, but I will…”

I share this with you because nobody had a busier life then I had, mother, owner of two businesses and in between it all – life’s unexpected crazy moment’s that just throws your whole day out of wack…but what I did do that many don’t, is I not only read and listened to great mentors…I practice the exercises everyday and instead of doing things the old way, I just changed them to the new way and also applied what I called, ‘my missing links’ . The results were incredible, obviously, look where I am today! And you can be there to.

Jeff Olson says it best in his book,
“The Slight Edge”
· It is easy to do and it’s easy not to do*
· It is the small things that you do over time that will have the compound effect to your success*

Communication is a Biggy, let’s start there!

There are so many things that we have learned and either forgotten or planed to implement in our lives and it just became ancient history knowledge. Earlier today I was rereading Dale Carnegie’s,
“How to Win Friends and Influence People”
and made it to chapter 9, ‘Making People Glad to Do What You Ask’.
A few pages in to this chapter I realized every time I come across this section, I’m stumped on how much it is common sense, and yet we continuously go about doing things a different way. ‘Now my way is doing well, but seeing how other people do things differently might make “my way” more successful’. Whether it’s asking your children to do something, a significant other, a employee, just about anyone for that matter, there could always be improvement with a different approach. An effective leader should always be open to input and different options, so let’s go over and see where you might need development.

1. Be Sincere. Do not promise anything that you cannot deliver. Forget about the benefits to yourself and concentrate on the benefits to the other person.
2. Know exactly what it is you want the other person to do.
3. Be empathetic. Ask yourself what it is the other person really wants.
4. Consider the benefits that person will receive from doing what you suggest.
5. When you make your request, put it in a form that will convey to the other person the idea that he will personally benefit.

The example given in the book is as follows: We can give a curt order like this: “John, we have customers coming in tomorrow and I need the stockroom cleaned out. So sweep it out, put the stock in neat piles on the helves and polish the counter” Or we could express the same idea by showing John the benefits he will get from doing the task: “John, we have a job that should be completed right away. If it is done now, we won’t be faced with it later. I am bringing some customers in tomorrow to show our facilities. I would like to show them the stockroom, but it is in poor shape. If you could sweep it out, put the stock in neat piles on the shelves, and polish the counter, it would make us look efficient and you will have done your part to provide a good company image.”

More then likely, whomever you are asking to do something for you will have better chances of getting the job done if you ask it in a way that they can benefit from. Something this simple, yet often forgotten could change so much!

Jeff Olson


Dale Carnegie


Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo……. All Aboard, next stop… The positive exciting path for your journey… Destination-Ecstatically Successful!


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