Persistence Shows Confidence

“Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” –The Bible

My granddaughter, and just about every child I know believes that if they are persistent enough on asking the question that always receives a “NO”, eventually it will turn into a yes. I cannot tell you how many times my daughter’s 3 year old has asked for fruit snacks for breakfast. Every morning she pesters her mother, and every morning the answer remains a “No” and yet, she continues to ask. And finally, the morning came in the weak of the moment she gets her “Yes” and receives the Fruit Snacks! Funny how that works.

At what age do we begin to develop the fear of refutation?

As children we are fearless and as we grow older we develop the mentality that getting a no for an answer has become expectable. When we anticipate a situation to go negatively we avoid at all costs going down that path. Here’s the funny thing, we aren’t even sure what the answer or outcome will be, yet we are so terrified about
hearing the response, we just pass up the opportunity to ask.

Is there a way to train ourselves to have a child’s mentality again?

YES! The key is to have confidence in you. It all boils down to personal development. Find out what is blocking you from seeking the knowledge and conclusion you desire, and start taking action! Anytime you find yourself struggling to ask a question, tell yourself that the only way for people to know what you want is for you to tell them. Get over your fear, ask it once, and ask it two times if necessary, JUST ASK! If you don’t get the answer you are looking for and cannot figure out why they responded with that, ask why Persistence shows confidence, and confidence demonstrates that you are passionate about what you believe in. The only way to find an answer is to ask your question. Eliminate your fear, starting now!

Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo……. All Aboard, next stop… The positive exciting path for your journey… Destination-Ecstatically Successful!


2 Responses to “Persistence Shows Confidence”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Subject: Sales

    He Lyn-Dee I love your analogy about children persisting with a question until they get a yes. My issue is ridiculous. I know that following up is the key to getting a sale but I REALLY hate to make the first follow-up call. I feel as though I am imposing on the person. I know ll of the logical answers but why do I persist in not starting it? Thanks

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for reaching out to me! I gotta tell you, follow-ups can be really easy or they can be really hard which is what you are experiencing. And nothing is ridiculous unless you don’t apply the step by step system what I or another expert that is highly respected in the industry recommend to work for you. Otherwise, we’ve all been there. So don’t you dare be so hard on yourself! It sounds to me that you lack confidence (which is normal) OR you’re not passionate about what you sell.

    Allow me to share with you how I do my follow-ups and LOVE it!

    A. Why is it easy for me:
    1. I am very, very passionate about what I sell, so I never think I am imposing on anybody. I know that my product is something that they truly need.
    2. I share and educate, never sell and I’m never pushy or act desperate. I am relaxed as if I am calling a friend. I know that if they are not ready to buy now, when they are ready, they will call me because I was real and not pushy. And I get referrals.
    3. I always ask their permission to call them to follow up.

    If I give them the information on Thursday, I’ll ask to follow-up with them on Saturday (48 hours after the exposure) and ask them when would be a good time to call them to see if they want more information or have any questions?
    And I CALL THEM AT THE TIME THEY SAID I SHOULD! Not 5 minutes before, not 5 minutes after! If they said 1pm, I call at 1pm! (This is important and most people don’t get that).

    B. So here is my follow-up discussion!
    Hey Andrew, It’s Lyn-Dee, how’s your day going? ….Awesome. IS THIS A GOOD TIME TO TALK, you asked me to call you back today at 1!

    (If it’s not), then say, “no problem, when would you like me to call you back?” Or (if it is OK), “great, what questions do you have about the information I gave you for ……?” And then I answer the question and just the question and then close them if they are ready to be closed…

    ***Andrew, if you would like to roll play, let me know and I will put aside (1) 15 minute FREE consultation for you! This is my gift to you!

    Also check out my other blogs, it’s all good. Please keep coming back, there are always great blogs being posted & surf the site for much more!

    Welcome to my site!
    Good Luck Andrew, you can do this!

    Have a great evening! And thanks again for stopping by!



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