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Turning Tragedy into Triumph, this Powerful Motivational Speaker and Life Coach Transforms Lives

Lyn-Dee Eldridge CPC, CPMC aka ‘Woobie’ and the Conductor of the Dynamic Express, is a powerful Motivational Speaker, Solutions Consultant and Published Author.

What is Lyn-Dee all about? hummmm….. Solutions!

That is why I am called “The Solutions Consultant”

Helping others have great success with personal and business development. To help spread laughter while going through all the growing pains. Life is to short-damn it, Live and Laugh while Learning on the Dynamic Express!
How to live your life and learn the successful steps to being S.E.X.Y. !


That is me in a nutshell!
I can’t wait to mastermind with you.


Lyn-Dee Eldridge, CPC, CPMC

Motivatonal Speaker/

Solutions Consultant/Author

Powerful Motivation in a Story of Trauma to Triumph

As long as Lyn-Dee Eldridge’s life carried the locked doors of a painful childhood and later an abusive husband, she was stuck, her talents and strengths bottled up behind closed doors. But Lyn-Dee Eldridge isn’t the type of woman to tolerate having her own life, or her daughter’s life, shut out from the happiness she knew they were entitled to enjoy. Turning trauma into triumph, Lyn-Dee Eldridge has become a highly sought motivational speaker, life coach, successful businesswoman, published author, and most importantly, happy and fulfilled wife, mother, and grandmother who now lives in peace with her painful past. The doors of her life are wide open when Lyn-Dee Eldridge shares her message and herself with audiences, who once they hear her, never see their own lives in the same way again.

Motivational Speaker with an Intensity that Transforms Lives

With her bold message, Lyn-Dee Eldridge moves her audiences to tears, laughter, and courageous steps forward in personal growth and meaningful transformation. Whether the topic is growing your business, personal development,  or  stories of survival in today’s challenging world, Lyn-Dee inspires all who hear her to become more than they ever dreamed they could be.

Never speaking to a crowd, but instead communicating with them, Lyn-Dee Eldridge helps battered women find healing, businesspeople rise to the top in their fields, and organizations reach new levels of communication. It’s simple: everyone who attends a Lyn-Dee Eldridge (Woobie) Workshop or conference walks away ‘taller.’

In the words of a recent conference attendee: “Lyn-Dee is an electrifying motivational speaker who sheds the light that everyone can accomplish what they put their minds to. Whatever the topic, she is right on! With her strong passion to ‘pay it forward’ she expresses from the stage an energy that makes everyone leave a seminar as if he or she had superpowers and can conquer the world! Very powerful, but more importantly, very effective with results! She is funny and you just sit on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what she has to say next. Informative and sincere! She truly lights up the stage with her presence and presentation.”

Lyn-Dee Eldridge Workshops and Presentations… Priceless.

  • One of the most highly sought out Speakers within Prepaid Legal
  • Co-author in Direct Selling Power
  • Co-author in 42 Rules for Effective Connections
  • Author of Tears of Fears Behind Closed Doors
  • Has been a guest speaker on multiple radio and TV talk shows
  • Key-note speaker at Universities, Youth Environments, Corporations
  • Keynote Speaker for Taking Back the Night at Franklin Pierce Unversity in NH
  • Keynote Speaker at the 4-H Awards ceremony in NH 200 attendees
  • Speaker at the Prepaid Legal Oklahoma City National Convention (twice). Audiences of 15,000. “Personal Development” & “Self Esteem”
  • Speaker at the Prepaid Legal Vegas National Convention “Personal Development” & “Business Building”
  • Sponsor for “New Beginning Women’s Shelter”
  • Speaker, Women’s Retreat in Chicago, Audience of 300 women
  • Speaker, Women’s Retreat in Chicago, Audience of 600 women
  • Certified Public Consultant, Certified Public Member Consultant

*  Lyn-Dee is one of the most powerful nationwide public speakers and coaches,  training in personal development, MLM business building, team building, and life; helping companies motivate their staff to be the best they can be.

  • Connect with Lyn-Dee

*  Read Tears of Fears, Behind Closed Doors, available at the store on this site. A portion of the proceeds from every book sold is donated to various non-profit organizations. The first check from books sold at the women’s retreat in Chicago was written on December 7, 2008, to ‘New Beginnings’ A Women’s Crisis Center in Laconia, NH.

*  Please visit “Woobie’s Corner at Lyn-Dee will be answering questions there and talking with you about the topics most on your mind; ask your questions in complete confidentiality, only your ‘Woobie Name’ and state will appear on the website with your question. Email you questions or comments directly to Lyn-Dee (aka Woobie) at

*  “When you are looking to be inspired, motivated, uplifted, and transformed … you need Lyn-Dee! Book Lyn-Dee Eldridge to speak at your next convention or seminar, or schedule a Woobie Workshop for your company, association, or organization.”

We are going to rock 2010!

***Read what others are saying about Lyn-Dee****

Jason Tremblay,
CEO and co-founder of

Says, “Lyn-Dee is one of the most dynamic and inspiring speakers available today. She frequently speaks to our staff of 160 employees and always manages to virtually lift people right out of their seats. I’ve seen very few people with such an uncanny ability to connect with any audience. If you’re looking for a high energy speaker who can deliver a message that matters—your search is over.”

Harland Stoneipher
CEO, Founder and Chairman of Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.

“What an amazing Lady! Lyn-Dee has accomplished so much even when there where major obstacles in her way. To be a true leader, you have to be able to lead by example and Lyn-Dee has perfected this. She really understands what needs to be done to become a strong leader and she has a wealth of information that everyone can learn from. She gets it and I am so impressed with her.”

From the Chicago Women’s Retreat:
Robin Morton – Mother/Survivor

about speaker, Lyn-Dee Eldridge …

I felt a kinship immediately with this fast talking woman with the east coast accent. She was pacing as she speaks, just like I do. Then her words grabbed my heart. Lyn-Dee was telling the story of my marriage, my deepest secrets. I have read a lot of books and spoken to a number of women about domestic violence but I never heard MY story. The detail of feeling that can only be transferred by someone who has been there. I have been able to give that comfort and sistership to others but did not know I was missing it until I heard the words, (paraphrasing) ‘I spat at the image in the mirror I hated her so.’ I literally sucked in my breath and felt as if I held it for the entire weekend. I felt like a zombie. People would talk to me and all I could do was cry. I just wanted to be in her (Lyn-Dee’s) presence but that feeling of worthlessness kept me from pushing too hard. I wanted to touch her. Feel her warmth as if making sure what I was experiencing was real. I needed to look into her eyes, if I could lift mine. Lyn-Dee stopped and looked at me when we finally met. She really looked at me. She hugged me and everyone went away. She makes you feel important enough to fight for. I talk about her still. People look at me as if I am crazy but I don’t care. Lyn-Dee awakened my sense of self worth. Ever since I have been stumbling to my freedom. Making mistakes and experiencing victories. Getting to know me through this wonderful woman who is more like me than different. I will never forget Lyn-Dee Eldridge on that stage in Chicago. It is one of the most important, defining moments of my life. A person does not always know until later the affect a person or experience will have on them. I knew this was/is huge and life transforming. I took in every moment. I never wanted it to end, even though it hurt like hell.

Thank you Lyn-Dee, for stripping yourself emotionally naked and allowing us/me to see your heart. It gave me the courage to remember to never quit! To never allow myself to sink in to that abuse abyss. So many of us are lost there. We don’t make it on the news. The emotionally abused die quietly, like we learned to live.

If Lyn-Dee is ever speaking in your area, all I can say is GO! She is so inspiring and really cares about you! It will be an event you will never forget and it will change you for the better!
With unspeakable gratitude,
Robin Morton, Ill.

4-H emblem.color.small
Testimony by:
Janell George
Administrative Assistant
4-H Youth Development

“Lyn-Dee was the featured Keynote Speaker at the Hillsborough County, NH, 4-H Awards Recognition Program and she what a powerhouse! The audience included a range of ages from as young as 6 to as old as 60, and she kept the entire crowd engaged. 4-H teaches leadership, citizenship and life skills to youth through adult leaders, and Lyn-Dee did a great job applying those ideas to everyone present. Her talk was a real inspiration to be the best that we can be and to “Pay It Forward”. Thank you, Lyn-Dee, for sharing your time, talents and experiences with us.”
Testimony by:
Jo Gelinas
4-H Leader

“Lyn-Dee Eldridge recently attended the Hillsborough County Awards night held November 6th at the Milford Town Hall. Lyn-Dee is a motivational speaker. I had been working on some new improvements for our awards night. After reading all her encouragement advice and positive thought for youth I knew she was the one to ask. She welcomed every one at the door with a goodie bag and a star to put around their neck that said “I Choose To WIN!”.
It so nice to see people like Lyn-Dee encourage the youth of today and tell them how important they are and they are special.
I surround my self with Children and Horses every day. There isn’t one day that I do not have a Child free day or a horse less day. I am blessed to have such a great opportunity to do this. I am Happy to see Lyn-Dee reach out to the youth that are our future leaders.
Lyn-Dee also passed out two books. On the back of one I noticed words like…
Goal-Setting, Time Management, Self-esteem, Self-motivation, Dream-building,
Good Habits, these are a few that we also use in the 4- H Program. I have already started to apply the great message in these books on some ideas to share with my own club.
Thank You Lyn-Dee for coming into our 4-H World and sharing all your positive feelings and reminding us to Believe…. “We all can choose to Win!”

Testimony by:
Dr. Donna Decker
Director, Women in Leadership Program
Franklin Pierce University
Rindge, NH

“Lyn-Dee Eldridge was the keynote speaker at our 2009 Take Back the Night, and she revved up the event from zero to 60 in no time. Lyn-Dee is particularly good at reaching the student (or adult) who is hearing — for the first time — the message that love does not equal hurt, and that coming to value yourself may be a slow process, but it is a most worthwhile process. Lynn-Dee gave personal examples of how verbal abuse begins — I don’t like your hair that way; why do you wear that dress — and she shared her own successful story of how it ended. While I was a skeptic about the “gift bag” at first, when I saw my students blowing bubbles and creating Play-doh people — and sharing their own personal experiences because of the freedom and whimsy these props allowed — I became a believer. Because Lyn-Dee had the courage to take back her own life and then to take her courage and her story on the road, young women have a chance to hear a message that could literally save their lives.”
Testimonies from some of the students, (names will remain anonymous)
**She is an energenic nice women.
**She brings positive and hopeful energy to the room.
**Inspiring :)
**very imformative and powerful.
**I could connect with what she had to say.
**She’s a courageous woman and I admire her bravery.
**Showed how to be happy after a bad situation, she showed me the light to walk towards and keep walking, G-d Bless you Lyn-Dee.
**Lyn-Dee delivers her message with humor and all the facts in a very sincere manner and without pulling any punches. She really got the wheels running for thought about current and past relationships.
**Lyn-Dee is committed and powerful. She shares her story with the warmest passion, you know she’s been there. Also, she keeps us glued to her with her wonderful humor. She is funny :) You will laugh and cry and smile! :) Thanks Lyn-Dee, because of you, I’m ready to live my life and start a fresh beginning.


Alex Franqui

“Lyn-Dee Eldridge is an inspirational author, and a powerful motivational speaker who presents her message with passion. She has assisted our leadership and organization expand its vision and aspire to reach their full potential.”

Yvette Mayo – CEO, President Mayo Group Benefits

“A great success story in her own life, Lyn-Dee Eldridge is excited to share and educate from the stage with a powerfully passionate belief in helping others. Her energetic ability illustrates, in coming out of one’s comfort zone, anyone can achieve success. This gets her message across that our future is really in our hands. Lyn-Dee is to be congratulated for her many achievements well done. I am anxiously looking forward to reading her book!”

Tracy Broughton
Entrepreneur / Former Miss Black California

“Lyn-Dee’s straightforward, honest and raw approach breaks down all barriers and allows you to absorb and embrace her information. Her huge heart make you feel like you’ve been best friends forever. Her style is entertaining and genuine. It’s a pleasure to know her.”

Ron Sweet

“Lyn-Dee is a powerful speaker who can get even the most reluctant person out of their seats and into action. She has no fear to tell it like it is and has fantastic insight to get to the root of the situation.”

Nancy Horneman
Nancy Horneman

“Thank you for so many things! For inspiring 1000’s from the stage to our one on one sessions! Thank you for the many gifts your book has given me! You are an amazing women of strength and grace, I am so very grateful you are my friend.
Thank you for all you are doing to make a difference in so many people’s lives,
Thank you for being Lyn-Dee.
I am very grateful you have touched my life in so many ways.
I love you Lady, way to go!!”
Kathy Keller
Executive Director of
New Beginnings Woman’s Center

“Lyn-Dee offers a cornucopia of matters that may affect women in unhealthy and violent relationships. These concerns may facilitate an abused woman’s consideration of and access to local community services and agencies.
By addressing domestic violence during pregnancy, Lyn-Dee brings awareness to the problem.
Domestic Violence during pregnancy is an attack that puts not just one, but two lives at risk. She raises very important issues that individuals, systems and communities need to identify as the components of long-term support and intervention that must be made available to abused women. Thanks Lyn-Dee for always paying it forward.”

Daniel and Gena Turpin
Spa Owners in Weston Florida

For as long as we have known Lyn-Dee, she has always been passionate about Paying it Forward! She shows great strength that everything is possible and has helped us and so many of our employees rise to the top of their game! Love her spirit and how she truly does touch others to help them accomplish so much and more!

DeBorah Beatty CLSirridesentbubble-1
~~Deborah Beatty~~
The “Created Life” Coach
Accredited NAOFP Mentor

“Lyn-Dee, Thanks again for being on the show and creating all sorts of wonderfulnesses! I knew you were a powerhouse the moment we connected, and when you were on my radio show I knew I had met a kindred soul. We laughed, we empathized, we connected. You truly are my Woobie, too.”

Deborah Beatty’s Living A Created Life Radio Show

“I “met” Lyn-Dee through BizNik and Twitter. I knew she was a powerhouse the moment we connected, and when she was on my radio show I knew I had met a kindred soul. We laughed, we empathized, we connected. She is now my Woobie, too.”

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