It’s all about Teamwork! Get on the Dance Floor!

If you are trying to accomplish anything and you are trying to do it alone, please realize it will take you much much longer or not happen at all! You will not grow.

Some people are so afraid that their ideas will be stolen or laughed at, where in fact they will grow with so much more ease if you allow others in to help you. An idea is a thought that one has and if you choose to share it, it will grow like wildfire because others will contribute their thoughts and ideas that you may not have thought of. And now you have a true masterpiece with a higher respect! Not to mention a BIGGER network of people you would never have contact with. If you choose to keep it to yourself, it will eventually burn out with no recognition that it ever was or that it came from you. (a pondering thought…. Just like inventions, someone else made it happen and you now say, “hey I thought of that…)

Life is just one big dance and on the dance floor everyone is laughing and having a great time. Learning new steps here and there from each other. And then you have those that want to dance but because they are so afraid of how others will look at them because they are not great dancers, they sit on the sidelines wishing they were on the dance floor! Same theory as an idea…you’re afraid it will be stolen or thought of as ridiculous.

You need to jump in and just dance your dance! No one will laugh and if they do, it is because they are on the sideline, wishing they had the courage to get on the dance floor.

People have to stop wasting their thoughts on what others will think of them or afraid of theft and realize that we as a team, all pull together to become one great force!  Your ideas and thoughts will contribute to a fantastic idea that will help others in the long run!

So stop sitting on the sideline and get on the dance floor, for your steps are to be admired, not criticized!

Let’s put together the steps for all of us to succeed! Work with those you trust and look up to and watch what happens to your success in both career and personal.

Teamwork = Success!


8 Responses to “It’s all about Teamwork! Get on the Dance Floor!”

  1. Alexandra from Ct. Says:

    Thanks Lyn-Dee!
    Seriously, I had to read this 3 times and I get it now!
    I have been trying to build my business pretty much by myself and I can honestly say it is because I wanted to take all the credit for my businesses success. I have not been successful and I have been also beating myself up over it! There have been many people that keep telling, “if you need our help, just ask.” They have also given their two cents worth and I just shut them out. (Stupid me, there have been some great ideas too)
    I am going to reach out to everyone so we can be a team and really build something that is incredible for all! First I need to apologize and hope they accept it.
    Thanks for the smack upside my head. I needed that!

    You really are a WOW and a blessing!

  2. admin Says:


    Thank you. Don’t beat yourself up to hard, you are human and we all need a smack every once in awhile. lol Even me!
    The only thing that is important is that you grew from this blog and you realize a dance floor is lonely when dancing alone!
    You go Girl! Go get your team and clear the dance floor for the next great line dance!


  3. Beth Allen Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Lyn-Dee! I can feel your positivity through your words, and couldn’t agree more with what you said.

    It’s way more fun on the dance floor than on the sidelines ~ yes it takes courage, but stepping through the fear is the only way to release it. For me, I find that staying on the sidelines just makes the fear bigger, heavier and harder to conquer. My mom always said to me, “the only way out is through!”

    Look forward to seeing you on the dance floor! :)

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Beth,

    How powerful are you? I love it. Your mother’s words are priceless and so true. Thanks for dancing with me!

    Have a fabulous day!


  5. Krista Abbott Says:

    Hey Lyn-Dee!!!
    I love your bright and cheerful site here. I’m all about success…so we connect on that note. I enjoyed this post and the comparison of stepping out into teamwork with dancing. Both are great fun!!! Keep the good content rolling my friend!

  6. admin Says:

    You made my day! Thank you so much. So Krista, I guess we are ready to dance on the same dance floor! Let’s go!


  7. jean Says:

    Hi Lyn-Dee,
    what a wonderful bright and cheery Blog, I love it.
    thank you for such a powerful message,
    I have struggled alone for a while, but now I realise we do not need to do it alone.
    thanks for sharing.

  8. admin Says:

    Hi Jean,

    You are never alone. Together we can help make the results you desire your reality. Let’s rock this world with sharing smiles, laughter and the great mind set that everything is possible and can be done!


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