*How to Find Your Passion*

This topic is very dear to me and one of my favorites. I have been very successful helping others around the world understand how important it is to have ‘no regrets and hold no grudges’ and to find their passions to create an amazing lifestyle.

Are you ready to say ‘WOW’ and meet the inner you? Awesome!

Here’s a question for you…
Are you doing what you were born to do or what you were taught to do? (A friend of mine on twitter, Mary Allen asked this question and it hit home!)

WOW, think about that one for a moment… Are you doing what you were born to do or… what you were taught to do? Powerful question, yes?

Don’t miss understand me, I am not at all against education and gaining knowledge but I don’t believe that all the people I know that graduated college and have impressive degrees are getting ahead today! So that is why we need to find your passion.

Bottom line…the economy has stolen our dreams. Millions of us have lost our jobs, businesses and this has even destroyed our families. We are walking stress bombs just waiting to explode if you haven’t already. We are out of emotional control and it is time to take our lives back! Everyone is asking, “Which way do I go now?”

I am living proof that when you find what you are truly passionate about, you can have an amazing lifestyle like me!

Let’s get started!

How do we start finding out what our passion is?

We are now going back in time…

Some of you might have had a fantastic childhood and life, others not so lucky. I am not going to take you back to the bad memories of your childhood or life, just the fantasy ones, so don’t be scared. lol, I’m not a psychiatrist, just your transformational coach!

Because of my own life experiences, (you can read my book, ‘Tears of Fears Behind Closed Doors. Order your copy today), and what I have been through, I can share with you these facts. I have learned how to have ‘no regrets and hold no grudges’.

I have always said that there is a reason we go through what we go through, good, bad or indifferent. There are reasons why we come into contact with different people and experiences. We don’t realize why until later on when things start falling into place. The reason I have become very successful and have an incredible lifestyle is because when I personally did this exercise, (my goodness, I started doing this 22 years ago), everything finally made sense to me and once I realized that everyone and everything that I ever come into contact with, some how helped me be who I am today… my whole world changed and now I’m living “my best life ever”! I am living the life of success and once you have completed this exercise, I hope you will be like me and have no regrets and hold no grudges for anything that you have ever been through. That is my goal.

Let’s go back to when you were a child, and I am asking you to think back at the good times when your thoughts were about you and what you really really wanted to be when you grow up? Yes I said, when you grow up. What was it that made you feel good inside that you did?

Now as you are thinking and digging deep, I want you to not only think about what your thoughts were when you were a child, but also growing up in elementary, middle, high, college and everything in between that brought you were you are today.

You may have not had a clear direction what you wanted to be because everyone was or is preaching, education, education, education… Let me give you an example and then you stop and ponder your thoughts.

All my life, no matter what was happening to me, I always liked to make people smile and I was always a great listener. I loved people and I was always there for them. I stood up for what I believed was right and fair and I was very N.Y. Street smart. I cared so much about people that I would always help them even though my life was a mess.
But people and paying it forward was what I have always done. Yes, I worked in stores, banks, different fields, owned my own businesses, but I was never really getting where I wanted to be and when I did, I didn’t enjoy the ride. I wasn’t passionate enough for it and then I would get burnt out! (Are you relating to this?)

Then after thinking about what I always said I wanted to do when I grew up and I had to look at everything I have been through. This was hard.
I wrote down everyone I knew, no matter what roll they played in my life and beside their name I wrote what emotion I felt toward them and why. And how could I turn it around to be an appreciation instead of a regret. No matter how wonderful the person is or was and no matter how ugly they were, I found the reasons why they were a part of my life. And then I started to heal and I moved forward.

When you read my book, it will all come together for you.

OK, here is your exercise.

This is going to take you awhile so don’t get frustrated, enjoy the journey, look through old pictures, have fun! It can take you all weekend to figure this out.

Find Your Passion Exercise

1. Think what it is you always loved to do.
2. Write down your thoughts.
3. List everyone in your life. (Past, present, the goods and the bads)
4. How did they affect you?
5. Lay back and relax, go down memory lane and start feeling what you absolutely loved.
6. Now write down the pros of your memories, what you loved about all of it and now the picture should be getting clearer for you of what your passion truly is!
7. Start researching your new findings and get on the Social Media Networking (SMN) sites and make friends with those that are doing what your passion is and start building relationships.

Now you able to shine and remember have no regrets and hold no grudges. Everything and everyone has a purpose why they have entered your life. Be grateful for the experiences and learn from them that everything is possible because of what life experiences they put you through!

Any Questions please e-mail me: info@lyn-dee.com

To understand SMN and how to get started, go to my blog
‘How to Use Social Media Networking To Help Recharge Your Life’
What can 140 characters on twitter do for you?

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2 Responses to “*How to Find Your Passion*”

  1. Andrea from New Orleans Says:

    Dear Lyn-Dee,

    I found you on facebook and I am sure glad I did! I started to do this exercise about a week ago and I have found exactly what I am passionate about. You are so right. Without this exercise, I would have never found my passion. I have been exhausting myself, trying to find a job that I was taught and trained to do and went to college for. There is nothing out there.
    One night, I was surfing facebook and saw one of your messages on my friends page and clicked on it and then followed you!
    Thank G-d! My passion is and always has been to paint and I am a really great artist, (if I have to say so myself). I joined twitter and started to communicate with other artist. I am proud to say, I told some people what I want to do and tomorrow I got my first payed project, painting a child’s room with a nature theme! Thanks so much Lyn-Dee for your straight ways of telling us how to do it and get it done attitude!
    I think you saved my live or at least my santity!

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you Andrea for your kind words!

    How Exciting! I am so glad you are doing what you love to do now and what you are passionate about! It truly makes a difference.
    Please, share the photo’s of the nature room when you are done, I can’t wait! I know you are still working on your website, let me know when you have it up and running! You are amazing! Until we speak again… have an amazing time doing what you were born to do!


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