How to Make 2012 Your Best Year Yet!

As we all settle into 2012, have you started moving towards your New Year’s resolution goals yet? Don’t allow your desires, your dreams to slip away as quickly as each week passes by. Take control of your journey and follow your passion and your future, stay on track with your goals that you thought about as 2011 was coming to a close.

Did you truly mean it when you said? “This new year is going to be different… it’s going to be my best year yet!”

Did you clearly define and write down your goals for 2012! Or did you just say them and as 2012 began, you went right back into your pattern of where you left off in 2011?  As one of my great mentors Paul J. Meyers taught me, “If you are not making the progress that you would like to make and are capable of making, it is simply because your goals are not clearly defined.”

It is never to late to start anew, if you sincerely want change! In this era as we all know, you can no longer always count on what you did before, change is inevitable more then ever in history.

First of all start with the right mindset it’s not to late, every day is a new day to start becoming the best you can be.

Ready with paper and pen in hand, let’s go…

Step 1: Take Inventory & Accountability

Reach deep within… don’t just think about it, write it down. Just like a journalist would ask probing questions.

  • Who do you want to become?
  • What actions are needed to get there?
  • Where you are now, in every area of your life?
  • When do you want to reach the goals, 1 year or 5 years?
  • Why do you really want to accomplish the goals?
  • How will you accomplish the goals, what do you need to do?

Now have you really taken the time to write it down? Great let’s help make it happen.

Step 2: Attitude is Everything!

  • Stay upbeat, positive.
  • Always be solutions oriented.
  • Read, listen and engage in personal development everyday.
  • Anytime you start any negative self talk or start down the pessimistic path, hold up your hand like a STOP sign and change that thinking.

“Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Your Words”

“Watch Your Words, They Become Actions”

“Watch Your Actions, They Become Habits”

“Watch Your Habits, They Become Character”

“Watch Your Character It Becomes Your Destiny”

So, so, so, true.

Step 3: Your Surroundings and Associations:

As Charlie “Tremendous” Jones states, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

  • Who is in your influential circle personally and professionally? If you want to be more successful, associate with those that have accomplished the type of success you want.
  • Who do you want to create new relationships or rekindle old relationships with this year?
  • What positive environment and people are you around consistently? With and these days, there are no excuses for not being able to find people, groups and events to connect with other like minded people.

Step 4: Your Consistent Activity to Reach Your Goals

Jim Rohn said, his mentor taught him that success is a numbers game and very early on he started asking Jim for his numbers… Yes, even Jim Rohn had a mentor.

  • Who do you want to be your accountability workout partner? You’ll help inspire each other through the good times and bad times. Sometimes you need different mentors for different area’s of your life. For instance you might have one mentor for your health goals and a different mentor for business goals.
  • Who will be your mentor or coach this year?
  • What consistent activity can you do to accomplish your goals? Can you do it daily, weekly, or monthly?

Step 5: Do You Believe?

Even a major weight loss companies new marketing campaign this year is BELIEVE – but obviously belief isn’t a new concept. Henry Ford stated so many years ago, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” The Power of Belief is so important to instill in yourself to accomplish your best year yet. You need to keep your written goals and WHY you want to accomplish them in a place where you can see them everyday, building your belief more and more each day that you can do it.

So what have you done to believe that you can accomplish your goals? If you have done the previous steps of reading the books that can inspire you in what you’re trying to pursue and found mentors that have accomplished what you want to accomplish, then you can believe if others have done it, you can do it too. You have greatness within you, take consistent activity and become unstoppable this year!

Happy New Beginnings to you.


You are Amazing…Just the way you are…..

There is a song that you should listen to while you are looking into the mirror and sing it to yourself out loud. ‘Just the Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars.

This song sincerely helps you appreciate and celebrate YOU! :O}
(warning – it might make you cry when you look into your eyes, because only you know how much pain is hidden inside.)

When all hell breaks lose in your surrounding life, just remember how special you are and realize that on the day that you finally make the decision that enough is enough and you don’t want to take it anymore and you made the choice to move forward, then and only then will you find happiness. You truly need to let go of the devil completely so the angel can come in.

Yes, it is hard, but you are amazing and you will get through this and become so strong and powerful!

Start by doing these simple things:
1.In front of a mirror, sing this to yourself out loud.
‘Just the Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars.
2. Personal Development. Read and/or listen to.
3. Start surrounding yourself with new people and grow. Join in your area. There are groups from, hobbies, sports, career, travel, crafts and so many other topics. Join today, it’s free and start going out and meeting NEW people.
4. Go to my TV page and enjoy laughter,

Remember, You Are Amazingggggg ….. just the way you arrrrreee!

Lyn-Dee Eldridge

Allow no-one to steal your dreams

Dedicated to October, 2010 Domestic Violence Awareness Month * How To Become Powerful After Being Powerless

Dedicated to October, 2010 Domestic Violence Awareness Month

How To Become Powerful After Being Powerless

As a child being brought up in a home that there was no love, no support and no positive reinforcement, I grew to be more loving, more supportive and instill Positive Reinforcement to everyone that comes in contact with me. A home that was dark and sad and abusive has caused me to have a light and happy and safe home for all to come and share laughter and hope. As a matter of fact, I was told and raised to believe I was a loser, where in fact, I am a winner!

Then fast forward, when I was 18 years old, I married a man that I thought would fill the void of the love and support that I never received as a child.

I was wrong and found myself in a marriage that was very abusive. I was married for 6 years before my daughter was born and then stayed in the marriage for another 15 months. It was my daughter that gave me the strength to divorce and move on stronger then I have ever been in my entire life. I felt so powerless all my life, until I knew that I had a baby who was counting on me to be strong for the both of us… My daughter is my angel of freedom.

Because I was now a single mom and had to figure out how to live on my own raising my daughter at the age of 26, I quickly got involved with Personal Development which really changed my life. Went for help and reached out to the 800 hot lines for DV. I started liking myself and realized that everything that was told to me, about me was not at all who I was, in fact, because of Personal Development I understood I was someone special and I could do anything I set my mind too.

If there was an opportunity and they said, ‘will train’ and I was intrigued, I applied.

I began to grow and because I understood life is not easy nor is it fair, I just worked that much harder and now today, I am a very successful women who is living a life that once was just in the movies that I dreamed would happen to me. And now I am powerful!

AND… I am now remarried after 20 years of being divorced to a wonderful man I now call my best friend. (Clue – You can’t find your best friend if your enemy is still around…)

I share this with you, to help you see there is a light at the end of the tunnel, put you have to plow through the crap to get to it. To not worry about how will you survive, just to let you know, YOU WILL SURVIVE, but you have to take the first step and then the other steps will follow. You cannot look back or go back, just grow from the challenges and keep moving forward. Yes, you will have obstacles to climb, but you will knock them down and keep moving forward!

If you would like to read my full story, please go to and put in Tears Of Fears Behind Closed Doors or Lyn-Dee Eldridge.

I would also like to invite you to my web site, and enjoy my web site as it is to help you become everything and more not matter what. Please take advantage of my free e-book and start living your best life now, after all, you deserve to smile everyday  :O}

See you all on the other side of the tunnel :O}



Laughter is Always the Best Medicine!

Crazy am I?  Oh, Yes I am!

YouTube Preview Image
How to Handle People That just Piss You Off!

Some People just like to create nagging noise…..

During any kind of dispute, allow all parties to speak their negative noisy bla bla bla bla bla completely without any interruptions, no matter how hard it is – bite your tongue. If you are in a yelling match, who wins? Nobody, neither are being heard. I’m always looking for the solutions to any situation.

I promise you if you follow these few tips, you will be a lot happier and more at peace with the results.

  • No need for a knee jerk reaction, take as long as you like to ponder and really gather your thoughts and be able to respond with a smile on your face. Even if the other party tries to egg you on. Don’t react or respond until you are 100% ready to do so. Give yourself time to cool down and be much more clearer with your thoughts.
  • Address the party or parties with all your ducks in a row and possibly even with an apology if you feel one should be given.
  • Leave knowing you expressed what your thoughts are with a pleasant exit.  Calmly, politely, be positive and respectful.

Some feel that is hard to do and that is only because they have never done it before. I am all about peace not war. I’d rather be a lover not a fighter.

I want to share with you that last week I had to confront a major pain in my *** who just kept rubbing me the wrong way. After taken a long while to ponder and gather my thoughts, I decided I was ready to face this head on and to go where I knew this person was and to also make sure that there were others around, not to cause a scene by no means, but so this person couldn’t say something happened that in fact did not.

I do not make it a habit to take time out of my busy day to find or interact with people that are on a negative stream. However, every now and then it just has to be done. I will conduct myself as a professional and will never lower my standers. I do not believe in yelling, but instead I am smiling as I am getting my point across, asking them questions and in return offering my appearance there to answer all their questions. To have a mature discussion. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way and the other party still wants to create more negative noise, so what do you do then, smile and walk away knowing you gave it all you had to make things right and you just might have to be satisfied with that and let it go, but at least you tried.

With that being said, sometimes it just feels good to get out what needs to be said with a smile and handshake and walk away as the other party is looking at you with the thought of, wow, did she just tell me off or what just happened?

I am sharing this with you because there are ways to letting people know you are not ignoring their ignorance but addressing the why.

In closing, remember the golden rule – it is greater to sprinkle a wound with sugar then salt any day of the week!  As they say, kill them with kindness.

Let’s create peace and spread more {{hugs}} around the world. Together we will smile more and laugh our way to our final destination!



An Interview to Inspire You to Enjoy What You Are Passionate About!

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Nick Logan, who is one of the mentors for The Tribe Community that I belong to. This gentleman is so inspiring and just loves to help people get to where they want to be. He truly is a powerful force that 1000’s are attracted to his passion to help others. This is part 1 of 3. I hope that something that is said will bring you to a path that will help you find your passion and believe in yourself.

YouTube Preview Image

Feedback from this interview, I have to say I am so honored and I appreciate all of you. Thanks, it is because of you, I keep going!

Becca Moss Kratky February 23, 2010 at 6:50 pm

I love the reminder to: “throw out what you don’t want…accept it and move forward with what you do want.” So, so true if we want to move from where we are to where we want to be in life. Thanks!
Take care,

Nick Logan Reply:
February 25th, 2010 at 10:08 am

I agree 100% We all have faced challenges and tragedies. This is a healthy reminder to move forward and embrace how those experiences have shaped our lives. Thanks Becca.

Bill Hartman February 23, 2010 at 7:25 pm


Great post, she is a talented young lady and a true friend. She is truly making a difference in peoples lives. Thank you for sharing this with me.


Val Wilcox February 23, 2010 at 8:31 pm

What a great interview. Lyn-Dee is an awesome lady who is supporting everyone in the Tribe. Thanks for sharing this,

Emmie Olivas February 23, 2010 at 8:48 pm


It’s great that your getting out there and interviewing other leaders to provide us with such value. I like that she talks about finding your passion and the rest will come. When we focus on the right things in life, the rest follows.


Nick Logan Reply:
February 25th, 2010 at 10:10 am

It’s so true. Being able to live your passion seems so foreign to so many people unfortunately. I have to admit it took me a while to figure that out, but I’m so glad I finally did. Everyone has the opportunity with the connections that can be made through the internet when done right. My vision is that more and more people start realizing there passion and start living their passion.

Melissa Wright February 24, 2010 at 9:51 am

Hey Nick! Great interview! I immediately noticed Lyn-Dee’s spark in the community as well. I was lucky enough to speak with Lyn-Dee for an hour and a half last week and I was blown away by what an amazing person she is. It is not only the challenges that she has overcome in her life (which are impressive) but how she has lived her life even while dealing with horrific circumstances. I’m sure we will all see a lot more from Lyn-Dee in the future. She is definitely a person to watch!

Thanks for sharing your interview!
Melissa Wright´s last blog ..To Infinity and Beyond… My ComLuv Profile

Nick Logan Reply:
February 25th, 2010 at 10:12 am

Oh ya. Lyn-Dee is a great example and great model for living your passion! You are one of those sparks in the community as well. Keep smiling!

David Merrill February 24, 2010 at 10:29 am

Excellent interview. It’s a great way for people to really get to know each other. Lyn-Dee has so much to share, and it’s a real blessing to have her working with us. Thanks for bringing her out here, Nick, to remind us that adversity is just a stepping stone to success.

:Lyn-Dee Eldridge February 24, 2010 at 4:06 pm

Hi Nick,

Thank you so much for allowing me to be interviewed by you. You bring such great energy to the table. I will be here for you and everyone else always.
Let’s turbo charge our today so tomorrow will be peaceful!


Nick Logan Reply:
February 25th, 2010 at 10:13 am

Completely my pleasure! I will take you up on your offer…

Donna Merrill February 25, 2010 at 9:59 am

This was the most inspiring interview I have seen. Maybe it is because Lyn-Dee hit my soul. We come from the same place and I share my stories like she does.
Lyn-Dee – keep on sending the message out. Keep on helping the people you meet.
You may never know the growth and changes of those you encounter, but believe me, you are a powerful honest woman that comes from the heart.
When I was looking at this video all I could say was “hey, that’s me!” Isn’t it a wonderful thing when you have a negative in your life and learn from it and move on. It makes you a warrior; strong and powerful to pass that message on.
O.K. Don’t want to write a book here. But This Interview alone can help so many people. You are blessed Lyn-Dee, keep on going. BRAVO!
Donna Merrill

Nick Logan Reply:
February 25th, 2010 at 10:15 am

You can write as much as you want Donna. I love that it added so much value to your day. That’s what this whole thing is all about. The true connections, the learning, the relationships…It’s incredible isn’t it?

Beth Allen March 2, 2010 at 6:06 pm

What a great interview, thanks to both of you!

I absolutely love Lyn-Dee ~ from the moment she joined the tribe her energy has been infectious and she truly inspires and contributes SO much! I love what she says ~ helping people put their puzzle together! Lyn-Dee is so positive and uplifting, and I definitely look forward to your upcoming video with her…nice cliff hanger there Nick! ;)
Beth Allen´s last blog ..Successful Weight Loss & Long Term Weight Management My ComLuv Profile

It’s All About Your Thoughts and How To Make Them Into a Blog

Every now and then you come up with something so good, so remarkable that it keeps you up at night and yet you forgot to write it down or recorded it somewhere, believing that you will remember it later and then you try so hard to remember, what the heck was it, ah man, it was so good….

(sound familiar)

Solution… always have paper and pen or a recorder of some kind with you at all times and as you think it, jot it down. Your thoughts are so powerful. Why a recorder? 2
reasons, sometimes I am driving and cannot write them down and sometimes I wake
up and can’t find my glasses, hahaha … so the recorder comes in very handy for me. Yea, some things are junk, but then some thoughts are brilliant.

I have pad and paper on my night stand and a small recorder.

Blogs are nothing more then a short story of your ideas, experiences and knowledge of how to’s.

So, don’t be afraid that your blog isn’t good enough, just remember to make them educational, entertaining, engaging and short!

Can’t wait to read your next blog! :O)



Which Way Do I Go – What Am I Suppose to be Doing…

It is so easy to put off a today thinking that tomorrow will make up for the yesterdays we let slip away.

As children we get to play and allow fun to come before our chores, only to get scolded by our parents, known for a better lack of words as nagging. Once our chores are done, we can go and play. (So easy …. Yet even as children we ponder off into our own detours)

Then we grow up and realize that our days turn into our weeks and our weeks turn into months and our months turn into our years and before we know it, MANY years have gone by and we still haven’t accomplished what we originally set out to do.


Make sure you are organized in your thoughts, projects and activities for both your business and personal lives.

Step 1:

Write down everything that needs to be done and the deadline for which it is due.

(all goals need a deadline, big and small)

Step 2:

Prioritize them.  And have a planner to help you stay on track with a

daily–in-order to-do list.

Step 3:

Delicate. BIG ONE! Come to terms that things might not be done the same way you wanted them to be done, but as long as the results turn out to be the results you needed them to be, stop worry how they got done, just trust that the results are the important matter.

Step 4: Separate your business from your personal and enjoy each of them separately, especially if you work from home. On the weekends or what ever days you choose to take off, shut the office door and DO NOT re-enter until the time you are suppose to be working. Your family will appreciate this and so will you.

Make sure you are organized in your thoughts, projects and activities for both your business and personal lives and I can guarantee you that you will smile and laugh a lot more.

If you are not enjoying your days, then it is time to sit down and ponder if just may-be these solutions can be part of your answer.

Let me know how it works out for you.



Sugar Makes Your World Go Round…

Just a Spoon Full of Sugar …….

Just a spoon full of sugar makes your world go around…

I want to help spark your days and evenings and sprinkle some sweetness your way!! Why do I desire to share a smile with you?  :O) Because no matter what, you deserve a spoon full of sugar. We can do anything we set our minds to and as long as you carry an award winning smile within you, your outer you will shine and make your surroundings more welcoming and the results you’re looking to accomplish will be done!

So many people wake up with a sour puss on their face and just totally destroy their days! When you are around those that instill this behavior, just share a smile and give them a chance to change their thoughts and direction. Some won’t join you and that is OK, just share what you have and ask for their permission to brighten their day, if they decide they would rather mope around, let them know you love them, but you gotta go where the smiles are bright and the day is shinning.

We never know what is truly going on with others, so let them know you are there to bring them a fresh smile and not to get stick in their rut of woo’s and again, just share a smile, hug and a warmth of fresh good spirit. I bet they will join you, maybe not today, but someday they will remember that it was you that shared a special smile with them everyday and one day they will accept it and then they will pay it forward and share it with others that need a spark of :O).

You can only control what is in your control and just wish the rest a good day!

Let’s go tribe family and instead of days and evenings being a gloom of doom, let’s rock it so our tomorrow’s are bright and powerful. Just a spoon full of sugar makes your world go around…

{{hugs}} and tossing you millions of :O) with a spoon full of sugar to share with others!


What Does Being S.E.X.Y. Have to Do With Anything?

You know you want to be SEXY, so let me share with you how to be the most powerful sexy person on the planet. You will not need a pole for this one!


Stop the insanity of keeping your deepest desires hidden inside and go for it. If you get laughed at, so what. Laugh with them and go for it head-on! Fight your fears!

When you’re all about Solutions to all challenges, it will bring you Empowerment which creates the Xtraordinary You

Why are we so worried and afraid to step out of our comfort zone?
What is it that is holding you back?
Why do we care so much what others think of us?

I learned along time ago that people are either jealous of you and they want to hold you back or they admire your courage and strength and want to help you grow and be a part of it.

Do you like to dance, but you don’t feel you are a good enough dancer? You are out and the music is brilliant to your likings and under the table your feet are moving and you wish you could go out on the dance floor, but you won’t, in fear that others will laugh at you. You have no one to dance with. So What! Get out there and enjoy yourself. Change your mindset.

I use dancing a lot because that was one of my biggest enjoyments, but there was a time that I would only dance in my own home where no one could see me, until the evening came when I drew the line in stone and said, screw it, I am going dancing and I did it, all by myself and I got out on the dance floor with everyone else and I just smiled. Scared to death as my insides were shaking and I felt so nervous. You know that feeling that makes you feel sick inside, yea, that feeling. But I pushed myself to do it and I am so glad I did. You know what happened… people smiled back and others wanted to join me on the dance floor, so they did and we had a ball. Never again did my happy feet just dance under the table. I now have happy feet and a happy dancing soul. Why… because I changed my mindset to… WHO CARES!

Step one to being S.E.X.Y. Solutions!

Stop worrying what others will think, who cares. You only get to live this life once and if you keep inside your comfort zone, you will never grow and enjoy what there is to enjoy. What ever that is for you. Just do it!

Step two to being S.E.X.Y. Empowerment.

Are you thinking about taking on a new career but you are afraid that you won’t succeed?

It’s called fake it till you make it. Learn as you earn. Stop making sure everything is in place, just find like-minded people that have accomplished what you want to accomplish and jump into the ring of leaders. Change your environments. Go to meet-ups in your area. Search for leaders on the internet that you can grow from. Read Personal Development. No excuses why you can’t be everything you want to be.

Be held accountable-an important ingredient for success. Workout partner – it is huge. Team up with someone you enjoy speaking with and that just lights that fire under your bum and gets you going in a direction you’ve never gone before!

A good friend helped me one day a long time ago paint my small bathroom green and I kept saying, “I’m not sure about this.” Her reply….Do you Have Balls? My reply, as I stood up tall and proud, I said, “YES I have Balls, let’s do it!” And we did and I loved it. It’s nice to step out of your comfort zone. What was the worst thing that could have happened, I would have repainted… but instead I loved it, Thanks Jo-Jo!
Totally went out of my comfort zone and loved the results.

Step three to being S.E.X.Y. Xtraordinary

Believe that you have uniqueness about you and no one else can take that from you. You have that extra special something that others admire and wish they had it inside them. Show them what you’ve got! Stop living in the land of ‘The Was World’ and make it the land of ‘The ‘Now World’ for you. Don’t allow anything from your past to hold you back.

Step four to being S.E.X.Y. YOU

Only you have the power to believe in you. Once you have accepted that you are a fantastic, dynamic and an incredible being and you believe in yourself to be true and be real, then and only then can your passion shine through.
People will notice the new you. They will either celebrate with you or try to hold you back. You must choose at that point what is a more powerful journey for you to be on. Celebrate I hope, then tell the others, you love them, but you’ve got to go! And now you will grow as long as you are willing to do what it takes that others won’t do!
Be You! Build new relationships, you’re gonna piss some people off and others will love you, so what as long as you are not out to harm, you are harmless. What is it about you that makes you powerful? Mastermind with others that have similar interest.

How S.E.X.Y are you? Go to the mirror and say it out loud…. “I am damn SEXY!”

Welcome to the celebration of your life where all things are possible and just know I believe in you and I am here for you on this wonderful journey of Oz!

Live and Laugh while traveling on you journey and put on your best S.E.X. appeal!


When Blockers Try To Stand in Your Way


We can let so many things get in the way of doing what needs to be done. We wake up one morning only to find that the ill fairy has blessed us with a feeling that we never want to feel. To feel as if something as taken over our bodies and try to destroy our energy into a weak and non-motivated,
non-productive state.

I say, Nay Nay… If you want to stay inside my body than you’ll have to do what I say. We will work today from home and allow our energy to sore through our fingers to keyboard to cyber-space and I will win this battle that tries so hard to weaken us. I will rest periodically as need be, but I will not allow anything to get in my way of sharing happy thoughts, motivated movements and inspiring waves travel to those that need the uplifting chatter that I must deliver.

So, never allow anything, anyone or any feeling of weakness to stand in your way of getting the things you need to get done, be done!

You are responsible for your own journey and I know from everything I have been through that if you want it bad enough, you can make it happen!

Choose to Win and Just do it!

What are Your Goals and How Are You Planning to Get it Done?

dream board

Over the years I have always made it a point to:

#1- Create a dream board of all the things that I want for the New Year. I sit down with my family, spread out as many magazines as we could possibly find of stuff along with brochures of new homes, cars, trips, adventures and so on. We then as a family, each cut out what our dream desires are to have and we paste them on a board so we have a visual. We all have our own areas on the board or our own separate boards. We hang the dream board in our home where we can all look at it and strive for the goals of the material things that will reward us of our hard work. Well, to say the least, it is exciting to see everything we cut out and it is quite a rush when you see that you are accomplishing your goals as the year goes by. (this is your board, cut out what ever you want, nothing is out of reach, nothing.)

#2- Having the mindset to keep you focused. Personal development is my middle name. I read/listen to and continuously stay on track with what the great leaders have done to make their fortune and dreams come true. Knowing it wasn’t easy for them makes it easier to jump over all the obstacles that try to stand in our way. Their words of wisdom and inspiring leadership are remarkable. (stop wasting your time on TV, music and other drama crap that does nothing for you. I love audio’s for my car.)

#3 – Be the solutions. We can all dwell on the why not’s and it doesn’t work for me pitty-party, but in my eyes, it is not about the cannots, it’s about the how too’s and figuring out the solutions to the problems. If there are problems, I come up with solutions. Sometimes we do need to realize that some things are just not meant to be, but even that being said, it was not a waste of my time, it was a learning curve for something down the road. What… I don’t know until something comes up along the way and then I am grateful for the bad experiences. My motto- ‘Hold No Regrets or Grudges’. (Appreciate the lessons that make you stronger.)

#4- Never blame someone else for your failures. Take ownership of everything you do and learn from everything that joins you on your journey. (the good bad and the ugly)

#5- Set your goals and stay focused for our lives give us the journey we truly ask for, even with the hard curves along the way. (Smile and the whole world smiles with you, cry and you will cry alone.)

**Failure is not an option and if it weren’t for failing, how would you possibly know you succeeded**

To read more inspiring thoughts of mine, please enjoy my free e-book, “Using Your Past to Strengthen Your Future”.

Lyn-Dee Eldridge BC back new

Let’s make it happen together and set the world on fire!


What is…is… What Will Be Is Up To Me!

I had to learn a long time ago that no matter how much I wanted something for someone else or for them to treat me a certain way or an action to be taken to better the world, I only had control over me. My actions and the results I created. I live by the rule –ponder – pick and choose. This philosophy took me from frustration to now letting a lot roll of my shoulders. I smile more and I am at greater peace with myself – which in return reflects on to others.

You can only take ownership of what you can take ownership of. You cannot change what, how or why people react, respond, retreat or behave. You cannot work harder on others then you are willing to work on yourself. You are the only one that can and should take ownership of being you. Everything else is a material factor and needs to be treated as such for your own sanity and peace of mind.

There are many times in your life you will have to recondition yourself (change) and as long as you are in acceptance to this fact, you will always grow and become stronger and wiser through your life’s experiences.

G-d never gives you more then you can handle although we tend to think other wise as we are going through difficult situations.

My pondering moments allow me to analyze all sides of any situation whether it is personal or business related, good and bad. There is never a time frame on my pondering moments, when I am satisfied with my decision then and only then will I address it. I don’t allow anyone to provoke any conversation to have a conclusion before I am 100% ready to do so. This way I can take full ownership of how the result ends on my part. This doesn’t mean I am not open to hearing a rebuttal, it just gives me more clarity how to handle the objectives. And I always listen to every word before I speak, I do not interrupt, giving the other party the opportunity to share their thoughts and reasoning. If I need more time to ponder, then I do and if I see that their ideas of valid and make sense, I change what I feel should be changed. We are far from perfect, so as you ponder, put yourself in the other party’s shoes and feel how they feel and be flexible, open-minded. For me, it is never to late to teach this old dog new tricks!

My pick and choose decision is based on:
a. What is the most important component?
b. Why do they feel this way? (Putting myself in their shoes)
c. Who is involved and how will it affect everyone.
d. What is the real challenge?
e. Solution to the end result.

Let’s all learn to smile more and to frown less ….


A Christmas Wish and a Prayer for a Little Girl!

When you are blessed with so much, you are able to ‘Pay it Forward’ in so many ways. Unfortunately, Christmas has turned into such a materialistic holiday that we loss sight of what it truly is all about. The letter below is about a very special little girl that ‘Pays it Forward’ and doesn’t even realize she is doing so. A brave little girl that already has blessed so many other children with her warm heart.

Donating a gift…
I put out a request for all to send me a letter stating why their little girl should receive a special gift for Christmas. There were so many, but this one below really captured our hearts.

I want to thank you all for your letters of little angels that need an extra smile for Christmas. This was a very hard decision and I am glad I had a team to pick the winner. DRUM ROLL……The Hannah Montana Guitar and gear go to a very sweet little girl in Tenn. G-d Bless all the children, my prayers and devoted dedication will always be with them. I promise to always do the best I can to make this world a better and safer place.

Her story…

A Christmas Princess

A Christmas Princess

I know my 6 yr old granddaughter would just be overwhelmed with joy to receive a Hannah Montana guitar. She has been a fan since age 4.
She is my oldest granddaughter and has had to deal with so much in her young life.

Back in May 2008, her dad committed suicide in their home. Her little mind could not grasp why Dad didn’t want to spend his life with her and her sisters. Even though she has had so much grief to deal with and not knowing what grief is, when she went to group counseling and heard the stories of other children losing their dads, she would go to console them without any thought for herself. She told her Mom — Mommy, they need lots of hugs to get thru this.

It’s been hard to just watch her sadness but she now is coming to grips with not having Dad there and is taking care of her 2 sisters, *******, who is turning 5 and ******* who is 3. The nightmares have lessened and we are seeing more smiles on this face but the biggest change that has emerged out of all this is a little girl who will care for others in their pain and put hers aside.

She is now working on a Christmas show where she is writing all the songs so that she can make other people understand that Christmas is about giving and caring for others.
Even though they only have Social Security income right now and not enough for extras her and her sisters have given up their Christmas gifts to give to a child on a Angel Tree.

She is quite the little lady.

I think we can all agree that this little angel deserves a special Christmas :)

Happy Holiday’s everyone, may G-d bless each of you and watch over all the little angels that he has created within us.


Are you Investing in Yourself? If Not…..Warning….

Warning…. This is a wake up call and there might be strong Lyn-Dee`izm’s throughout… read at your own risk…VERY POWERFUL!

So many times in our lives there have been different opportunities mentioned to us and there have been some that have been an eyebrow raiser and then we start looking at cost and we shy away from it. Not all opportunities are for you, but when the right one comes your way and it totally EXCITES you and you can feel it in your bones, it makes you say, YES, I understand and I think this is a WOW!

The first thing to do is absolutely, do your due diligence! Make sure the company is solid and worth your time and energy! And now here comes the Lyn-Dee’izms!

After you do your homework…, I don’t care what your background is, DO NOT OVER Analyze! If you are passionate about it and you are willing to allow others to help you that have already succeeded in the business, then follow the leaders and DON’T TRY TO REINVENT THE WHEEL! Learn as you earn!

One of my favorite lines is, “It’s ok to be a copycat as long as you are following the right cat!”

If your investment was for a home-base business, private or MLM or a brick and mortar business, there are leaders in every industry. Obviously you got into the business to succeed, correct? And there are things you’re going to want to do to succeed and that is pick the brains of the leaders and be a sponge. Do yourself a favor and everything you think you know about what you just endeavored, DON’T BE A KNOW IT ALL.

Being a leader and a mentor to millions across the world, I can tell you first hand, we all start in the same place and the only difference between leaders (mentors) and newbie’s is that leaders have learned the system and followed the leaders and will always follow the leaders who have made it to the top and have the lifestyle that you are drooling over. We have been through what you need to go through. We invest in ourselves. What does that mean? We read/listen to a lot of personal development and we are constantly going to trainings to keep getting better and fresher. For the newbie’s that are just getting started, the one thing that drives a leader crazy is trying to work with people that:

Challenge us:
#1. Think they know it all
#2. Over talk the leaders
#3. Does not want to follow the proven successful system that we all had to learn to get to where we are today and constantly challenge our advice! Why, because you THINK you know a better way…
#4. Doesn’t want to invest in themselves. Wieners, “I don’t want to pay for trainings, seminars, products. I don’t want to go to weekly meetings. Do I have too? Do I have to use the product I am selling? Trainings on Saturday’s, are you kidding me!” And then in the same breathe say, “I want to make $10,000.00 a month.”
#1. Forget everything you know and be a great listener and student. Learn as your earn and understand that one day you will be a leader IF you follow the proven system! Don’t be in a rush to be a leader. You will be much more respected if you are more open to being the student rather then trying to prove you are smart!
#2. Write down your questions till the end and if you have a leader helping you speak to someone about the products, DUCK TAPE YOUR MOUTH! Even if you want to add something to what the leader said and you think they should also say ,bla,bla,bla,bla…. (STOP YOURSELF), There might be a reason the leader didn’t say what you’re thinking and then again, you might have a great tip. Wait till the end and IF the leader ask you if you have something to add, then and only then should you add your tip. When adding your tip, don’t go into convincing mood, just say the tip and then allow the leader to address it. But never de-edify. There are reason’s leaders say things and don’t say things!
#3. Find the leaders that you want to work with. Consider yourself a 101 for dummy’s student. Listen, follow and copy the leaders! Be a sponge! Trust me, a true leader never wants you to fail. And a true leader will only allow you to be a jackass for so long before they turn you down to help you!
#4. You have to invest in yourself. You need to pay to be a part of certain trainings that enhance your abilities to be one of the greatest.
Yes, you can pick and chose what you want to attend…but know what to attend and not attend! STOP WIENING! And you need to treat your business as if it cost you millions to get involved in! And when did you make $10,000.00 per month and if you did, did you make it overnight? I don’t think so, then be realistic!

A true leader wants you to succeed and we are never trying to stand in your way. You have greatness within and I want see you have the lifestyle you have been dreaming of, why because you deserve it! It is your time so make the most out of the quality time you have with your leaders and soon, you will be helping others accomplish the greatness they deserve!

Cheers to your success ☺


There’s a Voice to Be Heard, The Question Is, Will You Listen?

I am a firm believer that for every time I meet and speak with anyone, there is always a message. I learned a while ago that there is a reason that people enter our lives and once you accept that, you will grow from all your experiences that life has to offer. Don’t be so quick to shut off the world as if you did not hear what is being said!

Do you believe that when a voice is heard, the listener will grow? No matter what the lesson is?

Like the old saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear!”

In other words, no matter who is speaking with you, there is usually a message to be received. Sometimes the message isn’t clear or accepted, but there is usually always a message that we can grow from.

The lesson could be about a subject that we will apply to enhance ourselves to become better or the message could be of a matter, which we discover we never want to be like.

What ever the reason is that those words were spoken, it is a lesson of how to or how not too.

As long as we realize that everything that is spoken to us, about us or spoken around us that we might just be overhearing, is a lesson.

Sometimes when we watch television, listen to the radio, hear a song, or we are in an educational program and even if we don’t think it applies to us, it does in some way.

Everything that we hear can either be thrown in the garbage or stored away in our subconscious mind and will be worth a value down the road.

Life is funny and when you realize that this short journey can either make us stronger or cripple us to our final destination, then and only then will you believe that the voices we hear along the way are the voices of knowledge…good, bad or indifferent. They truly make us who we end up to be…

My wish for you, is to fore fill your days with laughter and satisfaction and rest each night with a smile and an ‘a-ha’! For tomorrow, there will be another voice to be heard, the question is, will you listen?

“Silence is Great Brain Food”

It Allows the Soul to Revisit Many Ideas and Honors Us with Great Rewards.

How many times in my life did I just respond to a situation and didn’t even think of the words that would escape my month and then how badly I wished I didn’t say what I said? Only to say, “I didn’t mean it that way!”
What about you?

How many times did I wish I had re-phrased what I said?
What about you?

How many times did I wish I would have just walked away from a situation so I could have pondered, then came back after evaluating the circumstances?
What about you?

The answers to all the above for me is – MANY!

As we grow older and hopefully wiser, we learn the art of controlling
Heated Disturbing Communication (HDC):

1st- Listen without interrupting
3rd- and Ponder (walk away, but let the other party know you will be back, you just need time to think)
4th -Respond calmly and speak with, not to or at!

As we all know, when we speak, there are times:
‘What we say is not what is heard’
‘What we said is not what we meant’
Our reaction was over the top!

Whenever a situation arises and you feel that unsettled feeling, maybe anger, sadness or just uninsured, try to respond with,
“This is a discussion that needs to be evaluated. I will ponder this and get back to you.” (Understand it is OK to walk away.)
There are a few reason’s I do this and I hope it helps you think before you answer and/or respond.

When you can become a GREAT listener, you will be able to understand where that other party is coming from. You may not agree with them and you may want to voice your opinion quickly. BUT DON’T!

If you realize that for everything that is said or an action is taken, there is a message behind it. Good, bad or indifferent. Your silence to ponder will become your reasoning and that will be much more respected and heard.

Whether you are speaking to friends, co-workers, family or even those you have categorized as enemies, it is always better to dissect a conversation and respond then to have a knee jerk reaction and wish you didn’t!

I know for myself, there have been many many times when I look back at a situation and put myself in someone else’s shoes, I could understand more clearly why it happened and how to look at it from an outsiders point of view. When I react to quickly, I can also be honest with myself and admit when I’ve been a jerk! And then hope the apology will be accepted.

When you are responding to a situation, start the conversation with the mirror exercise. Repeat out loud to the party you are speaking with what they expressed to you was their problem. This way, you are letting them know you are addressing their issue as you heard it. Allow them to also mirror you. Again, allow each other to finish talking before either of you respond or interrupt. .

After all, we are all human and we do make mistakes…

Have a peaceful life…{{hugs}}

To Be The Best You Can Be!

If you can dream it, you can be it!
~~Walt Disney~~

Make the decision to Succeed!

Make the decision to Succeed!

Everything is possible!

I was told at a very young age, you will never be anything like your sister and brother. You are not college material…bla,bla,bla….

Well, they were right, I never went to college and I am nothing like my siblings. I am the BEST of all three I am a self-taught success story. But here’s my secret….I was taught be following the right mentors!

My advice to you…
1. Always spend your spare time educating yourself! It is up to you and only you to gain the knowledge you need to do what your passion is! Find the right ways and connect yourself with likeminded people that have accomplished what you want to accomplish!

2. Everything has a system, follow the system and don’t try to reinvent the wheel.
Be persistent! Understand there is a big difference between, persistence and a pain in the ***! And there is also that fine line_______

*Being persistent is showing up with a smile and a willingness to help. How can you serve so you can be served? Ask if you can follow up and do so casually and be your professional self.

*Pain in the *** is when you call and call and call. Show up and you’re annoying. Always trying to take and not give. Totally in the way.

There is a saying:
you will get more done with movement then mediation!

Your success is up to you and your thoughts and actions are the power of everything to accomplish your goals!

You have everything it takes, now go make it happen.

Words that I live by, words that I believe have made me who I am today….Inspiring words I love to share ☺


The Mind of An Abuser… What Makes Them Tick…


Let’s find out and dig deep:

I don’t understand why an abuser does what an abuser does. I don’t understand how they can treat women, children and animals so cruelly.

I was abused for 26 years…I know I don’t want to hurt others the way I felt pain and lived in darkness, so I broke the abuse chain…why don’t they? What makes an abuser tick…

Is it because:

• They were abused and bullied?
• They were controlled so now they want to control?
• They were teased in school so badly because they were different?
• They were raped?
• They had a hard life?

…. Just a few questions to ask an abuser…and maybe give them a wake up call…


• Why – if you were abused and you understand the hurting burning pain inside us… do you proceed to hurt the ones that love you the most and would do anything to give you the tender touch you so once desired?
• Why won’t you allow your home to be a peaceful and safe place?
• Why aren’t you tired of saying I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again, I promise?
• Why aren’t you tired of being angry at your past?
• Why are you an abuser? ☹
• Why don’t you see, you truly need help?

Dear Abuser,

How about putting down your guard and in the comfort of your own privacy, where no one can see you, please read the questions again and really give them some serious long hard thought. Read it over and over if you need to, just understand that your loved ones are crying and scared, like you once were – of the one person they wish loved them the most.
And that my friend, is you. ☹

As you are thinking about this, remember the horrifying pain you went through in your life and how very scared you were…please stop doing it to your loved ones today.

Please make today the day and this moment right now the time you crave the line in stone and make a change to help yourself and your loved ones have a loving wonderful life together…

Just think what a warm sincere {{hug}} will do for you and for them…

Please answer the questions above and hopefully understand the pain and nightmare that your loved ones are living in. They love you and they don’t want to leave you but the day will come, that they will have had enough…

When you’re done, look in the mirror and see who others see you as… a monster ☹.

And while you’re doing this, may I ask a favor of you?

We can and will forgive anyone that shattered us and I would love to welcome you to Woobie’s Corner as one of our “Heroes of Change”.
Won’t you join the club today and start making a positive impact for all others?

If you would go to my website and click on this blog, go to the bottom and hit reply and give us your answers to these questions and share with us how you plan to start today to change and make a difference, this would be great. Now we can all understand, grow and heal together… you can remain anonymous.

How about starting a new beginning and really go for the help you need. Here is the information.

Thanks for taking a moment and feeling our pain…

Your spouse, children and pets are waiting for you to smile inside and out!

Love and warmest {{hugs}},


Note to the victim:
Print this out and just put it in their pocket or computer case where they can find it and read it when they aren’t around you. If they respond back in a positive way and start to go for help, that’s good, if they don’t, then maybe this is your wake up call…


YouTube Preview Image
The Power and Control Wheel for Domestic Violence

This is something for you to view and to see if you can relate to any of these behavior patterns that are going on between you and your mate. If you can relate to any of them, please understand that you are in an abusive relationship and it is time to accept it and get out of this destructive place and come into a better place where you deserve to be!


The First Day of DV Awareness Month!

We are going to heal together, one moment at a time, one day at a time…

YouTube Preview Image
If you could turn back the hands of time…

What would you do differently?

It never fails when I ask this question people have a list of things that they would change. This worries me and the reason is because if you could change your past, how could you have grown to be who you are today? And because you cannot change the things in your past, are you standing still and blaming it on your past?

The true question should be: Knowing everything you know today, how can you apply it to be the best you ever?

You have so much to offer the world and so many people are just waiting to hear what you have to say and learn from you. You can help others get through what you have already experienced and you can help yourself grow beyond your wildest imagination.

I could have just sat in a corner and blamed so much on my past, but instead I have chosen to move forward and help others excel, which in return allows the sun to keep shining in.

So for you, how about writing a journal of your past and find out what your true purpose is and reach for the stars! You can shine and have everything you have ever dreamed of… if you look at your life as a gift. Remember, the good lord never gave you anything he didn’t think you could overcome and he will never give you anything you cannot conquer!


A message to all Domestic Violence Victims


Please Watch “The Burning Bed” starring Farah Fawcett.

Please understand that things don’t change. No one has the right to make you feel guilty and there shouldn’t be any situation that makes you want to stay or go back. It is not your fault to have been beaten down and it is not your responsibility to make things right when things will always be so wrong.

You are no different then any other victim, your story is the same, just the names and faces change. Please, I am begging you to get out and be strong. The only way to stop Domestic Violence is if we all stick together and give each other strength to move forward.
Protect yourself, your children and your lives!

Sometimes we need to be reminded of what truly is the fact and watching the movie “The Burning Bed” is one for all of us to watch and realize…that things just don’t change and words are words but without the action of true recovery, they are just words that will lead to pain and suffering! The “I’m sorry, I love you and I don’t want to lose you, I’ll never do this to you again… are words of imprisonment.

Words that are uttered to you by the abuser or their family to stick and stay are words of poison and you now have the power within to say enough is enough! Make a difference by taking the first step to heeling and growing. You have so many ways to reach out for help, here is my hand, please grab it and let’s all help each other build a better tomorrow for future generations to laugh, smile and be strong!

There is a way out, call your local abuse centers and reach out to them. There are safe houses for you. Don’t allow any excuse to stand in your way of safety. No money, no where to go, no one to help…these are all excuses…there is help… just reach out and allow us in!

With many {{hugs}} and love…
Make today the day…

Please purchase my book and allow me to pour into you not only my experience, but how to get out safely and move on to have a wonderful successful life. You can do so by going to my store on my site.

(When you purchase my book, know you have now just helped a non-profit abuse center get one step closer to opening up a new safe house for all victims and their children. Portions of the proceeds from my book will be donated to various non-profit organizations).


I don’t think I am. Am I… in an Abusive Relationship?

For centuries there is one very common question. I don’t think I am being abused, am I? It saddens me to think of all the tears that pour down our cheeks and how many times we blame ourselves and we don’t understand why or how this can be happening to us.

Please evaluate the chart below and if you can identify and relate to any of these behaviors, understand that you are in an abusive relationship and you can do something about it!

I understand it is hard to remove yourself from a relationship you so desperately want to work, but you cannot correct or change something that is a one-way street. My book, “Tears of Fears Behind Closed Doors”, gives you great guidance to having a better live. After you identify that you are a victim, please purchase my book and allow me to pour into you not only my experience, but how to get out safely and move on to have a wonderful successful life. You can do so by going to my store on this site.

(When you purchase my book, know you have now just helped a non-profit abuse center get one step closer to opening up a new safe house for all victims and their children. Portions of the proceeds from my book will be donated to various non-profit organizations).

I am here for you always. Just e-mail me and I will help you!

Love & {{hugs}}


The Power And Control Wheel


What Should I Look For In a Workout Partner and What Should I Do To Be a Great Workout Partner?

You give the same, as you should receive.


Both should be listening to higher leadership for the next steps. Personal Development!

Positive Affirmations
And a smile and laugh!
Not a frown or a downer… NO COMPLAINING… only solutions!
Challenging each other to do a little more then the day before.
And a high 5 at the end of the day for your accomplishments!

Hope this helps!



It’s all about Teamwork! Get on the Dance Floor!

If you are trying to accomplish anything and you are trying to do it alone, please realize it will take you much much longer or not happen at all! You will not grow.

Some people are so afraid that their ideas will be stolen or laughed at, where in fact they will grow with so much more ease if you allow others in to help you. An idea is a thought that one has and if you choose to share it, it will grow like wildfire because others will contribute their thoughts and ideas that you may not have thought of. And now you have a true masterpiece with a higher respect! Not to mention a BIGGER network of people you would never have contact with. If you choose to keep it to yourself, it will eventually burn out with no recognition that it ever was or that it came from you. (a pondering thought…. Just like inventions, someone else made it happen and you now say, “hey I thought of that…)

Life is just one big dance and on the dance floor everyone is laughing and having a great time. Learning new steps here and there from each other. And then you have those that want to dance but because they are so afraid of how others will look at them because they are not great dancers, they sit on the sidelines wishing they were on the dance floor! Same theory as an idea…you’re afraid it will be stolen or thought of as ridiculous.

You need to jump in and just dance your dance! No one will laugh and if they do, it is because they are on the sideline, wishing they had the courage to get on the dance floor.

People have to stop wasting their thoughts on what others will think of them or afraid of theft and realize that we as a team, all pull together to become one great force!  Your ideas and thoughts will contribute to a fantastic idea that will help others in the long run!

So stop sitting on the sideline and get on the dance floor, for your steps are to be admired, not criticized!

Let’s put together the steps for all of us to succeed! Work with those you trust and look up to and watch what happens to your success in both career and personal.

Teamwork = Success!

10 Important Rules to Live By…

Life is good as long as you don’t and won’t allow the things that are not in your control…. to control you and your daily activities!  Let’s just get it done!!!

1.    There is always a reason to smile, find it. If you are having a bad day, laugh at it! We all have them, but many of us let what happens eat us up inside. Life is too short to let the little things get in the way. It’s much easier to over come hurdles with a positive attitude. Like Dr. Seuss said “Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened”.

2.    Life begins every day you wake up. Anything that happened in the past, let it go and move forward. Today is a new day, it is what you make out of it. Is the glass half empty or is it half full?  Always be moving forward-Don’t waste your moments wishing your past was different, just appreciate the hand you were dealt and know that only you can determine what’s in your future. Hold no regrets or grudges! If it wasn’t for yesterday, you wouldn’t be who you are today!

3.    Pick and choose your battles. If it doesn’t hold any significance or matter a great deal to you, walk away. There are far more important things to manage your valuable time with! Look and walk through another door that is open and see what is in store for you!

4.     Never take anyone or anything for granted; always give credit where credit is due. Make sure you acknowledge even the littlest of things. I can assure you, if you can appreciate the tiny things others do – you will enjoy the greater things that will come out of it. Just share a smile and say thanks for being you!

5.    Talk the talk, and always walk the walk. Never make a threat, suggestion, or a plan that you have no intentions of carrying onward. Your word is the only thing you have and if you go back on it, it’s more then likely people will begin to not take you seriously. Word your statements carefully and be sure to leave yourself an out in the event push comes to shove. Practice what you preach!

6.    Never EVER Give up! Just because something isn’t working your way doesn’t mean that it will never work. Try tackling your challenge with a new approach and remain focused on your goal. If someone(s) have already completed this task and are successful, model them. It is OK to be a copy-cat as long as you are following the right cat!

7.    Step out of your comfort zone. Undertake new adventures everyday, even those you might be uncomfortable with. You only live once, make it memorable. Put one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking the walk!

8.    Take things one day at a time. Understand that there are some tribulations that just cannot be solved in a 24-hour period. Take time to properly analyze and start taking baby steps to solving your challenge. Do not react immediately, (no knee jerk reactions), take time to think before you speak. Words can never be taken back once they are said. Control what is in your control, and let go of what is not. There is a time for everything and for everything, it has it’s time!

9.    Do your best or do nothing at all. There is no purpose for killing your time if you are going to half-ass it. Give it your all and I assure you will be more fulfilled with the result then if you were with little to no effort. Pick and choose!

10.    Be yourself. Seems like a no brainer, but many people I have seen loose their identity trying to get the public’s eye. “Love me for who I am and not who you want me to be”. If you are looking to change yourself, make sure it’s for the right reasons and not for social acceptance. Keep doing self checks by looking in the mirror!

***  Be innovative, be flexible, adaptable, and don’t constrain yourself so much. Don’t be afraid to branch out or be a little impulsive! ***  ~~anonymous~~


“If you don’t appreciate it, you don’t deserve it.”

Sometimes, some people, just make you go hummmmmmmm…..

If you are following me on twitter you will notice that through out the day I randomly post different quotes that I find both meaningful and helpful that not only benefit my every day life but also have the ability to brighten someone else’s day. You never know what challenges someone can be facing at that very moment and it’s a wonderful feeling being able to touch someone’s heart with a reminder that they are not alone in any given situation.

There is one quote that I retweet, [RT] on a regular basis by Terry Josephson, “If you don’t appreciate it, you don’t deserve it.” And for this reason. Many people for one reason or another forget to acknowledge the smallest of things and take them for granted or fail to even see what has been done for them. No matter the simplicity of the action, whether it’s someone emptying your garbage, giving you a compliment, doing you a favor or even a surprise. Make sure you always recognize what you have been blessed with.

A perfect example is the other day I was walking into a restaurant and held the door open for a middle aged couple and their 2 children. I could have easily walked in first, but instead I waited an extra few seconds so the family can approach and pass me by. What stumped me is neither of the 4 said “Thank You”Human Nature). But then I remembered all the times I have held the door for others and it was appreciated. And I smiled and realized, I feel sorry for those that walk with their head in their ass and I’m grateful for those that just give that polite smile and say thanks! or even smiled at the gesture and the fact they looked passed me, not making any eye contact or acknowledging that I waited the extra few seconds to do something polite for them, (like I was suppose to hold the door for them, like a doorman or something…), this made me want to revisit that moment and not open the door for them at all. (

(pondering thought) And to teach their children not to appreciate the small things others do for them is a whole other story. (Clue-watch your actions when you are around others that you have great influence over).

When something so small can be overlooked, I can only imagine the bigger things in life are just another fly on the wall. I do believe there are many words that are overused on a daily basis, however, I don’t think “Thank you” falls into that category.
Take into consideration that people don’t have to pay you that compliment, they don’t have to go out of their way- not for you, or anyone. But when they choose to do so, make sure that you show appreciation for the act of kindness by saying “Thank you” or returning the favor in some way or another.  Pay it Forward!

I guess the old saying will always carry on, “Do on to others as you wish  they do on to  you!”

If you come across something throughout your day that is as meaningful as a quote, or something that you find funny and appropriate, share your thoughts and what you have stumbled upon. You never know who needs the reminder, or more importantly.. the smile.

If you have a twitter account and would like to receive my updates check me out at I would love to hear what you have to say so make sure to tweet me with your thoughts and things you find important.

This blog is dedicated to all of us that sometimes have a bad moment and take it out on others! Stop, think and remember, not everyone deserves your bad attitude!  Smile…you’ll get through it easier, if you just smile…


You are What You Watch, Read and Most likely the People you Associate With! Here is a Solution!

Everything you do makes you who you are. If you watch shows that are impacted with nothing but drama, you tend to be full of drama. If you surround yourself around negative, depressing people who complain about everything and have every excuse in the world why they can’t or they get all caught up in life’s drama, you are probably the same way. And if you’re not, you are allowing negative energy to manifest inside yourself, therefore there is no room for the positive affirmations to brighten your today, tomorrow and future.

If you are reading materials that are not inspiring you to become the best, you will never become the best! And don’t you deserve the best? Yes, absolutely, everyone does, but it’s in your hands to become everything you want to be and more.

Here is an amazing trail of a new movie called, “The Shadow Effect” by Debbie Ford, if you saw “The Secret” and you got a lot out of it, you will surely love “The Shadow Effect”!

If you like it and would like to order “The Shadow Effect”, just click on the picture below!

It is well worth your time and future!!!

The Shadow Effect DVD

It is never to late to start your new beginning!

Let’s make the best of everyday!


Holding a Grudge is Like Drinking the Poison and Expecting the Other Guy to Die.

Forgive and Move On and Take the Knowledge With You to Grow…

As we go through life there are many people that will cross our path and for each person there is a lesson. For everything we do and we experience, there is a reason. How are you handling the good the bad and the ugly?

If you walk through life everyday and you allow drama to control your day, you will be blinded by the knowledge it is meant to bring. If you are spending time getting wrapped up in other people’s drama, you will never grow because you will be stuck in a place that is consumed with troubling times.

As your life goes on, you will realize that you become who you are because of everything you have seen, done and been through. And when you realize that you are a product of your lives experiences, you will see that everything has made you who you are today.

So for the evil things and challenging people that have crossed your path, be thankful. If you hold on to harsh feelings, it will burn you inside and the grudge will be holding you back. You will have internally poisoned yourself.

For everything, there is always a solution. It is up to you to make the right choice of what the solution will be. You can be angry and hold on to those negative feelings that will just burn inside you and could make you sick, or you can turn it around and say, Thank you for the experience of teaching me “the not to”, now I understand the “how too”.

When I look back at everything and everyone that has entered my life, I appreciate them for the knowledge that has helped me grow and become everything and more.

So when things are happening and you feel as if you just can’t get a break, think again, you have been given the opportunity to find a solution and make it happen better for you the next time!

One moment at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time!



Please help make the Domestic Violence March Happen in Oct. and here’s how!


I greatly appreciate everyone doing what ever is in their power to help this march be as successful as possible. I am personally involved with this mission and I know together we can all make a difference. The two women that are heading up this march, Carissa Daniels and Joleen Louie are absolutely amazing and I just want to acknowledge them for all their hard work. Thank you Joleen and Carissa! And to all of you, thank you so much in advance!

Let’s make it happen!!!


The cause for this march To Stop Domestic Violence;

The Healing Coalition is made up of women who are former victims of domestic violence. After joining forces to help other women leave their abusive relationships they decided that even more needed to be done.

The Healing Coalition is organizing a march on Washington DC to raise awareness of the plight of millions of women in the United States who are victims of domestic violence.

However funds are needed, to that end the Coalition is holding a cookbook sale. Please click on the shopping cart link below to order a cookbook (or more!) and help women get free and stay free.

You can also visit our MySpace page to learn more about The Healing Coalition.;

and also go to:;

Please order one or more copies of Healing Meals at $16.00 each (price includes shipping).
We also have T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for sale

T-shirts $17.00 each (including shipping)
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Children’s sizes are available for the same price.

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Help Us Get To Washington So Our Voices Can Be Heard!


Together we are unstoppable!!!!

aka ~~ Woobie~~

Are You the Solution or The Excuse?

Time and time again I hear people complaining about why things can’t happen. I hear them say things are holding them back and if it wasn’t for…then I would be able to …. Yet there are so many that are able to be successful. Why is that?

Here is what I know through personal experiences. There are many obstacles that will stand in front of you. It is up to you to jump over them with great solutions and win the battle of “I cannot’s!”

In my book, “Tears of Fears Behind Closed Doors”, I shared with you my abusive past from childhood into marriage. I shared my story not for a pity party, but to share with you that everything is possible because of what we have been through. It is because of all the bad that has happened to me that made me who I am today.

So that is why and how I am able to share with all of you that everything is possible if you have the attitude that “I can”!

For every obstacle that comes your way and there will always be obstacles, it is best to look at the situation closely and instead of thinking there is no way you can overcome. Start thinking of solutions how you can make it possible!

I can share with you that when things are going on and I can’t control them or have no control and I am not in the drivers seat, I let them go and work on the workable and so can you.

The best thing anyone can do for you is to tell you “you can’t”! Please, accept this challenge and prove them wrong! Do all your research to succeed and move forward leaving your challenger in the dust!

It all starts with your mindset. So please from this moment forward, start accepting that not everything is in your power to change, but you can change what is in your power by coming up with solutions!

Please go to the Resources tab of this site and click on great sites for you to become more then you’ve ever dreamed of!

Please enjoy my other website,

Hold No Regrets or Grudges is my motto!

Being told I was nothing and will always be nothing and many more damaging things that can be verbally said to someone to totally destroy ones self-esteem. At the age of 26 I had started my life as a single mom and entrepreneur. I understand what it is to have all your dreams taken away from you and your belief of yourself robbed. I wrote my book this year that I pray has and will inspire all to understand that their dark past can bring them into a bright future! “Tears of Fears Behind Closed Doors” is a book to encourage everyone to appreciate what they have been through and that I totally understand because I have been there.

I have taken everything from my past and instead of allowing the dark clouds to surface above me, I have turned them around to create the earth underneath me to be stronger so as I walk on the path of success, it is my strength!

Everyone has a story and everyone can grow stronger because it is life’s experiences that make us who we are today!

Today at the age of 48, I am very successful as a motivational speaker, coach and author. My life is forefulled with the riches of rich, not only with income but also with lifestyle. I am extremely diversified and have had great success in many areas. Allow me to help you with yours today!

Please join me and grow stronger each and everyday! I am here for everyone and I pray that you all take full advantage of my gifts that I offer to you, the free e-book on this site and newsletters!

Please contact me and if you would like to purchase my book, you can do so right here on my web sites. (All Portions of the proceeds will be going to the March for the awareness of Domestic Violence that will be held in Oct. in Washington, DC)

With love to all!


aka ~~Woobie~~

Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo……. All Aboard,next stop… The positive exciting path for your journey…
Destination-Ecstatically Successful!

You Say You’re Not a Salesperson? I beg to differ, EVERYONE is a Sales Person!

Understanding the basic fundamentals of selling anything and being the #1 producer in your industry!

So you Say you’ve Never Sold Anything! I beg to differ…
Every person on this planet has sold and will continue to sell!
No matter how young or how old!

When you were young, as young as 1, you had your parents buy you something! Even if you sold it by nagging, you sold it!

You think your profession has nothing to do with sales. What ever you do or have done, you say has nothing to do with selling. Ummm…

Let’s dissect this very easily so you understand, just because your description doesn’t say “sales…”, it does sell “knowledge” of what ever it is you do or have done. There for you have recommended something to someone to use or look into because you know it will benefit them, correct? Yes…

I have spoken to several different industries and we all have one thing in common, we recommend a product(s) or service(s) and because you are the expert, people value your recommendations and will purchase your suggestions.

1. Medical – recommend an over the counter drug or first aid product.
2. Computer industry – recommend a program to use that will enhance our communication and project skills.
3. Developer’s – create to distribute (sell) to the masses.
4. Travel – Flight crew – recommend food, headsets, seats, comfort, where to go for entertainment attractions at the vacations final destination. Pilot – where to travel. Mechanic – recommend the best parts to use on the aircraft whether it is to your boss or pilots. Reservations – best fares.
5. Reporter – pitch your stories.
6. Secretary – recommended a product to use in the office.
7. Teachers – always recommending some educational tool to use for parents and students.
8. Social Workers – always recommending self help items.
9. Cosmetologist – recommended products to enhance appearance.
10. Postal Workers – how to ship.

So if you really think hard enough, you will realize you do sell, no matter what industry you are in. At work, no matter what you do, you are always enforcing your knowledge on to others and if the party understands how it can benefit them, they will buy into it!

And it’s all because of your belief. If you believe in something strong enough, you will come across as “The Obvious Expert” of that product. And if you don’t think you sell anything from your professional line of work, then how about your personal life. Maybe it’s a restaurant, clothing outlet, hair salon, pet store, travels, home products, technology, medical, educational, etc. You have sold! Because you had such a great experience, you are happy to tell others about it. They went by your recommendation and bought into your belief! The only difference is you didn’t get rewarded for it so you don’t look at it as you sold something.

That truly is the art, (the “secret”) of becoming a #1 producer! You’re belief.

I added this topic to my blogs because so many people are now without a job and are having a very hard time finding something in their comfort zone industry. I want everyone to realize that if your belief is strong enough about an item and you are willing to learn the “how to distribute”, then everything is possible! The #1 industry in the world will always be sales…don’t miss out on an income that can set you free and give you the lifestyle you have always dreamed of!

If you have any questions or wish to be coached by me, please contact me! I am here for you always!



Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo……. All Aboard,next stop… The positive exciting path for your journey…
Destination-Ecstatically Successful!

7 Steps to a Better You!

Nearly everyone wishes they could do something better, become stronger, happier, perhaps even a little bit wiser. I have created a 7 steps guideline for everyone to follow that can alter your life for the better. I can assure you if you carry out these 7 steps daily you will grow into the person you dream to be, little by little. Personal development is not something that can change you over night, just like if you go to the gym for one day you will not see results. I can guarantee if you stay consistent, within time you will see the outcome you hoped for.

Step one: In the morning do your mirror exercise.

Stand in front of a mirror. Focus on yourself and your positive qualities that you find beautiful. Dig as deep as you possibly can, bringing out every compliment you can possibly give yourself. This can be quite difficult because if you are like most people, it’s always easier to pinpoint the negative rather then shine the spotlight on the positive. Give yourself every compliment you could ever want to receive. Tell yourself that you love yourself and that you are lucky to be you.
As for your qualities that others find in you, really look at them and see how you can improve.
(Remember, this is between you and you so be honest with yourself and change what should be changed.)

Step two: Read and/ or listen to Personal Development.

Every morning set aside about 10 minutes to read or listen to personal development. If you are unable to read while you’re having your breakfast or freshening up for the day an audio might be best. Read at least 10 pages a book per day. On your way to work, rather then listening to the radio, pop in a mentor CD of your choice to pump you up before the day officially starts.

One of my favorites is Jack Canfield:
Here is a great link to Jack Canfield’s motivational site!
Click Here For Jack Canfield’s Big Dreams

Step three: Do something different for yourself everyday.

Whether it’s wearing a new style of clothing or styling your hair different or trying new food, just do something, anything! Try stepping out of your comfort zone a little more.

Step four: Before bed, do your mirrors exercise.

Same as what we did in step 1. Think of all the things that you’ve gotten accomplished today! And pat yourself on the back! Great Job!

Step five: Read and or listen to Personal Development.

Start where you left off this morning. If there are some great nuggets that you got from the earlier session and you applied them to your day and they worked out well for you, jot them down. (Don’t just read and listen, but put them to work for you.)

Step six: Write in your journal while listening to inspiring music.

Journals are the best way to express your feelings and keep track of your progression. Every evening, write down how your day was and think of ways that your tomorrow will and can be different. There is nothing like doing this step listening to great motivational music and that is anything you like that is up lifting!

Step 7: Smile and Enjoy

Control what is in your control, let go of what is not! Smile and enjoy the day as if it was your last and remember, life is to short to stew over every little thing.

((hugs)) to your wonderful future!

Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo……. All Aboard,next stop… The positive exciting path for your journey… Destination-Ecstatically Successful!

Are you a Product Of your Product?

So many times I hear, “I’m not going to buy it, I just want to sell it”. I can’t afford it right now, but when I make some money, I will buy.” Right there is a RED Flag.
In order for you to believe in and have passion for helping others use what you have to offer, you MUST be a product of the product. If you’re not, you are sure to fail.
When you use it, your approach is coming from your heart and we as people can always feel when you’re genuine!
**Here is something to ponder if you are questioning this philosophy…
“When your customer ask you how you like it, how are you going to answer? If you tell them you don’t have it yet, they will say, “Oh, then I can wait too”.
And if you are going to lie…need I say more.

Product + Passion = Wealth


Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo……. All Aboard,next stop… The positive exciting path for your journey…
Destination-Ecstatically Successful!

“Marketing Yourself Using Your Personality”

When you look in the mirror…who do you see?

Cat / Lion

Whoever you see, that is who others see!

It all starts with the beginning of your new day

1. Have no regret and hold no grudges!

Everything you have ever experienced has made you who you are today!

2. Success is Voluntary – You MUST want it!

3. Find your balance and remember Attitude is Everything

4. What you think and what you do, will control what success you will have.

5. Life is way to short not to smile, laugh and enjoy such a beautiful place called earth!

**Have you noticed that when you smile at someone, they will usually smile back!
**Your Inner You will help you project who you are.

All Aboarrrrd…Let’s jump on this journey together and enjoy the ride!

As they say, a good first impression is everything. You project who you are by the way you feel about yourself, Agreed?… Good…
Some of us have to dig a little deeper then others to find themselves and their true passion, but here is where we are going to get it done!

What makes you smile? Write them down, all of them and as you are doing this, remember why it makes you smile and now… smile :O) Laugh with yourself.
When was the last time you enjoyed your own company? If ever.

Pick something out on your list, what ever it is, big or small and go do it! (This is your, “for me” list) By golly, you have a, to-do list, a grocery list, a shopping list, a kid’s list…what happened to your “for me” list? Now you’ll have one.
Example…, one of the things on my “for-me” list is enjoying a walk and eating an icy in a park…it is so wonderful…only a half hour, but it was my half hour…:O) lol

When you are smiling, the whole world smiles with you and when you’re frowning, the whole world runs from you, so if you start your day with ‘you’ first, everything else will just shine!

Trust me, my days don’t always start off rosy, but when it is my time to shine, I shine! You must stay focused and productive during the day, remember, the bill collectors don’t care about your woes…

If you waste your days sad and blue then it is true, you’ve wasted a few
If you spend your day’s dealing with what is within your control, you will always shine through!

This is called the “Pick and Choice Philosophy” which would you choose?

There are many successful methods when it comes to marketing yourself and your brand.

In order to build a strong relationship with others, you need to first broadcast yourself to the world, in a dynamic manner.

When you are out and about, act as if you don’t have a problem in the world!

**People don’t care if you have problems, they have their own…so leave your problems home, they will be there when you get back, meanwhile…shine as if you are a millionaire!

Build solid relationships with
“Like Minded People”

Who are you associating with? You are who you associate with, so if your top 5 people that you mostly associate with are successful, you will be successful, if they are negative, they will bring you down and you will have negative impact on your life, friends, family, home, career. If you want better for yourself, sometimes we have to let go of our surroundings to make it happen so new doors are opening for us all the time! I am not saying stop loving them, just stop hanging out with them. How do you find new friends to associate with, networking! Research where there are networking events going on that interest you and go meet and greet.

Remember… “People change when their surroundings change” A.J. Henchel

Here are some tips that will help promote you with just using yourself!

Present yourself appropriately.

Before leaving the house, get dressed. Make sure you always look presentable, even if you are just going to the grocery store, you never know who you will run into along the. Have your hair styled, make up on, clean-shaven, and please, please, please put on deodorant! There is nothing worse then engaging in a conversation with someone with body odor. (Crazy to have to add this, but I have met some people that…) Try to dress in a comfortable business yet casual style that works for you.

If you feel good about yourself, I guarantee you will feel great having conversations!

• Carry an Award Winning Smile and Take Notice of Your Posture.

**Everyone likes to see someone light up the room with a bright smile!
** Proudly display that wonderful smile that only you have.
** Always remember to stay positive. It’s better to be a Positive Polly rather then a Negative Nelly.
**Stand up straight and tall to keep a perfect posture. You will find that you will feel like you are on top of the world when you maintain a straight back and you will get a positive reaction.

Take Notice when you are shaking someone’s Hand.

**A handshake can tell a lot about a person and believe it or not there is a right and wrong way.

**When introducing yourself, make sure you look at the person you are speaking with directly in the eyes and have constant eye contact. Wandering eyes are a dead giveaway of lack of confidence, respect and truth.
**When you go to shake their hand, take notice where your hand is being placed. If your hand is positioned on top this means either you or the person shaking your hand thinks that you are better then them. If you are positioned on the bottom, it means you or the person feels that you are the lesser of the two. Make sure your hands are parallel; this shows that you both are equal.

Next step, allow them to grip your hand first, if someone shakes your hand softly, this means you should speak to him or her softly, if it is firm, speak to him or her with more authority.If someone shakes your hand softly, this means you should speak to him or her softly, if it is firm, speak to him or her with more authority.
Communication through a hand shake is very powerful and it is one of the key elements in getting to know who it is you are speaking with and it is YOUR fist point of identifying with this person and making yourself known!

When engaged in a conversation, be attentive and fully present.

Even if the person you are talking with is talking about nothing that you are interested in, stay focused. When it’s your turn to promote yourself, you will get what you have given. You just never know whom they might know, that you can get referred to. Networking is the key.

Try your hardest when communicating not to come off as a sales person.

Try to find an equal medium between being a businessperson and being professional. Try and stay away from pitching someone, unless they are looking and expecting to be pitched. Talk to everyone as if they could be your future business partner, prospect, or friend. I guarantee you will make more of an impression y then coming off as a pushy sales person! As long as you are passionate and sincere, everything just comes together!

**Remember, to read and/or listen to personal development. This will always help you be the best person you can and want to be!

Take A Moment!

Look around, look outside, did Mother Nature bless us with one of the most amazing beautiful days today? If the answer is yes, then PLEASE slow down and enjoy the gift that G-D has given us. Grab your morning cup of coffee, your lunch and take it to the park, relax and give yourself an “Appreciate Me” moment!

You Are


You are amazing!
Like me, you have many
reasons to “Pay it Forward”!

The whole key to this exercise is loving the image you see when you look in the mirror and to enrich your life in some way every day and the rest will follow!

Remember, people love to be around happy, positive people that will help make their days easier as well!

Just one more thing…


Now go and make it happen!

Make today the kind of day that will be a great memory for your tomorrows!

How to Build a Successful Home Base Business (MLM) and Make a Six-Figure Income

When you are involved with MLM and you want to work from home there are a few things you must know and take into consideration to be successful.

#1 Passion. –
There are many MLM’s out there, just don’t get involved to get involved because people are telling you, ‘You can make a whole **** load of money!”
What makes you feel good? If you are passionate about the products you are standing in front of, you can make serious money! There are many MLM’s out there, so be choosy on which one is right for you. Do your research!

#2 Know your Products and how to market them. –
You don’t have to over analyze, you just need to understand:
A. The product.
B. Take advantage of learning while you are earning! Go out and shadow the SL’s.
C. Always remember, there is nothing wrong with telling your prospects you don’t know the answer to their question. The solution is not to answer their question just to answer it, but give them the right answer, “That’s a great question! I am not sure of the answer, let me look into that and get back to you, I want to make sure you get the correct answer.” Your prospects will appreciate your honesty and it shows you are not a know-it-all!
D. MLM is a combination of Street Smart and Book Smart. For me, I shadowed all the SL’s that would allow me to tag along with them, listen to their calls (3ways) and go to trainings and meetings. I read what they recommended. The more you hear the same thing over and over again, the more you will succeed… (Be a part of the process.) Reputation is the key!

Follow the Successful Leaders (SL) step by step and do NOT TRY to REINVENT THE WHEEL! Your way is not the successful way, no matter what our backgrounds are and no matter what MLM, if any, we were previously in, each MLM has a proven system. Just follow the SL and be willing to ‘Fail Your Way To The Top’.
(So many times, including myself at the beginning, we think our way is better. Then, after doing it our way, we are not getting the results and we are asking why (or) what is mostly said, “this doesn’t work.”
I’m here to tell you, IT WORKS!
(Nothing wrong with trying it your way…but don’t take too long to figure out it isn’t working. STOP and follow the SUCCESSFUL LEADERS. (SL))

#3 Make a List and get ready for rejection. –
Make a list of everyone you know and allow your sponsor, (SL) to go over the list with you and start making contacts.

(If you were opening any kind of business outside your home, you would tell everyone about it and invite them to your Grand Opening, correct? Same thing, but again there is a different approach.)
Learn how to launch your MLM business listening to the SL’s.
The reason I said get ready for rejection is because your family and friends that you think will support you and purchase from you, will be the worst people you deal with! Just the way it is and it is OK! Accept this right off the bat and you will shield yourself a lot of pain and disappointment. (not always, but 99%)…

*Understands, rejection is good, the more no’s you get the more successful you will be.

So again, allow your SL’s to help you work your list.

#4 Use your 3rd Party Tools –
Use the tools to give the message about your product(s). Catalogs, Brochures, DVD’s, CD’s, web site, business overview calls, etc. You are not the message, you are the messenger! Especially if you are looking to build a team, you will want to show everyone how easy it is to share with others so they will say they can do it as well.
(For me, I always said that from the first word of hello, I am training and showing my prospects how easy it is to do this business.)

#5 Attend the meetings and trainings in your area. –
Attach yourself with the doers and SL. You will find them at the trainings and meetings. You are learning something new and exciting. Just like anything else, you need to surround yourself with likeminded people that are in your industry. No matter how many meetings and trainings you have been too, keep going, even if you don’t have any guest or new associates! KEEP GOING and apply what you are learning.
Sit in the front. (This way you are never disrupted). Now you (and your guests, new associates), will not be affected with what is going on in the room behind you, you are plugged into the meetings and trainings!
Be like a sponge and take notes!

#6 Do your exposures –
Do your exposures the way the system is telling you to do them. If you are suppose to do 2 exposures a day, do them and don’t let a day go by without doing them.
(Jeff Olson, “It is easy to do and it is easy not to do.”)

#7 Personal Development –
Read and/or listen to personal development everyday. 10 Pages a day will change your life! Surround yourself with those more successful then you are and don’t listen to the nay-sayers!

#8 Work-Out Partner –
As long as you are all feeding each other with positive energy. You will want someone(s) who you can depend on for accountability, motivation and action, remember, your workout partner is counting on you too!
Be there for one another and together work on the solutions, don’t dwell on the problems!

And be patient! Nothing was built over night and it takes time. If you are in need for instant cash so your bills can get paid you need a job and for right now, allow this to be your plan “B”. If you need this to be your main stream of income, then double/triple your activity and really be a SPONGE and go do the do everyday!

#9 Working from home takes a lot of discipline –
Only because it is so easy to get caught up in the house chores or just being in the home setting. You don’t have a clock to punch in and out, so your workday just might disappear before you realize that you didn’t accomplish the things you needed to do that day for your business. Here are my suggestion!
A. Treat your home base business like a business you invested $100,000.00 in!
B. Wake up every morning as if you were leaving to go to work. Set your alarm clock, take a shower and get dressed as if you where going to an office. (You never know when you might have to run out and meet a prospect that you just got off the phone with and now you can just grab your keys and go). Go to your work area and work as if you were in an office. Take your breaks and lunch as if you would in an office.
C. Take your business very seriously and ignore your surroundings as home.

I wish you all the great success! Watch for my tele-seminar coming soon!

Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo……. All Aboard, next stop… The positive exciting path for your journey… Destination-Ecstatically Successful!

Taking the Advice Your Mentors Recommend.

How many books have you read and are you reading?
How many audio’s have you listen to and are you listening too?

Just don’t read and listen to them, apply the knowledge that is given to you from them. I have heard it over and over again, I read _______ and it was a great book, I got a lot out of it. My reply, “that’s great, what steps have you taken to get the results you want?” Answer more then none… “I haven’t done anything, I’m too busy, but I will…”

I share this with you because nobody had a busier life then I had, mother, owner of two businesses and in between it all – life’s unexpected crazy moment’s that just throws your whole day out of wack…but what I did do that many don’t, is I not only read and listened to great mentors…I practice the exercises everyday and instead of doing things the old way, I just changed them to the new way and also applied what I called, ‘my missing links’ . The results were incredible, obviously, look where I am today! And you can be there to.

Jeff Olson says it best in his book,
“The Slight Edge”
· It is easy to do and it’s easy not to do*
· It is the small things that you do over time that will have the compound effect to your success*

Communication is a Biggy, let’s start there!

There are so many things that we have learned and either forgotten or planed to implement in our lives and it just became ancient history knowledge. Earlier today I was rereading Dale Carnegie’s,
“How to Win Friends and Influence People”
and made it to chapter 9, ‘Making People Glad to Do What You Ask’.
A few pages in to this chapter I realized every time I come across this section, I’m stumped on how much it is common sense, and yet we continuously go about doing things a different way. ‘Now my way is doing well, but seeing how other people do things differently might make “my way” more successful’. Whether it’s asking your children to do something, a significant other, a employee, just about anyone for that matter, there could always be improvement with a different approach. An effective leader should always be open to input and different options, so let’s go over and see where you might need development.

1. Be Sincere. Do not promise anything that you cannot deliver. Forget about the benefits to yourself and concentrate on the benefits to the other person.
2. Know exactly what it is you want the other person to do.
3. Be empathetic. Ask yourself what it is the other person really wants.
4. Consider the benefits that person will receive from doing what you suggest.
5. When you make your request, put it in a form that will convey to the other person the idea that he will personally benefit.

The example given in the book is as follows: We can give a curt order like this: “John, we have customers coming in tomorrow and I need the stockroom cleaned out. So sweep it out, put the stock in neat piles on the helves and polish the counter” Or we could express the same idea by showing John the benefits he will get from doing the task: “John, we have a job that should be completed right away. If it is done now, we won’t be faced with it later. I am bringing some customers in tomorrow to show our facilities. I would like to show them the stockroom, but it is in poor shape. If you could sweep it out, put the stock in neat piles on the shelves, and polish the counter, it would make us look efficient and you will have done your part to provide a good company image.”

More then likely, whomever you are asking to do something for you will have better chances of getting the job done if you ask it in a way that they can benefit from. Something this simple, yet often forgotten could change so much!

Jeff Olson

Dale Carnegie

Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo……. All Aboard, next stop… The positive exciting path for your journey… Destination-Ecstatically Successful!

Take Charge by Defeating Your Inner Criticism

Whether we like to notice it or not, how we feel about ourselves plays a huge role in our every day lives. Lets face it, the more superior we consider ourselves to be the easier it is to overcome every day
challenges and objections. There is only one way to attack the negative aspects in our self-esteem, and the key is thru personal development. Once we are able to pinpoint our individual demons it will be easier to take on bigger and harder projects. Today’s
assignment is to increase our self worth and I will personally assist you with ways to guide you on the path to a positive attitude, with just a few short steps.

First things first, take a deep breath. Let’s start with learning how to face your fears. The simplest way to overcome your challenge is to grab the bull by the horns! Define your fear, what is it that you are deeply afraid of? Think of ways to move past it. For most this will be an uncomfortable task. If it were easy, not a single being would be afraid of anything! I’m sure looking back at how scary learning how to ride a bike might have been, or learning how to swim, even take your first steps didn’t seem easy, but for most of us, we have mastered all three! The only way to conquer our uncertainties is to figure out ways to defeat them, and that’s where we figure out how to step outside our comfort zone. Try to take on a new challenge every day. I assure you once you accomplish something that seems impossible to do, everything else will become trouble-free!

Secondly, start setting goals for yourself. There are two types of goals; long term and short-term goals. Start with writing all of your goals down that you are aiming to complete. Once your list has been
finalized, take a look at what you wish to accomplish and put a date you would like to see yourself having them achieved by. Try setting short-term goals, from this point till 6 months from today. Then analyze your long-term goals, anything 6 months and over. Jot down the steps that you will have to take underneath each goal and what you will do to rebuttal any obstacles that might interfere with completing your goals by the set date you have chosen. There are
different ways to visualize your goals better to help you stay on track. Try doing a dream board online or offline, those tend to help many successful people, along with our families. Make goal setting fun!
Always know that if there comes a time that you have to postpone a goal date, that’s okay! As long as you’re on the right track and you are doing your best, there is no wrong in resetting your completion date.

Last but not least, make laughter a priority. If you make a mistake along your journey, look as if it were a blooper on a movie! Forgive imperfection and focus on the positive and celebrate your small
victories and progression. Without mistakes no one could ever learn how to properly do something. There is no such thing as failure until you have completely given up without putting in everything you could
have. Make sure to always reward yourself when you succeed before moving along to your next task. Accept compliments others give you for your accomplishments without any justification, and if you don’t get any compliments, then reward yourself with one. You deserve it for all of your hard efforts.

Another thing is to surround yourself with successful and positive people, you will find yourself laughing and retaining more knowledge that you know what to do with! You only have one life to live, why not
make it shine and sparkle like the 4th of July! Remember, All your “can be’s” are just a step away from starting to happen! See you all at the top!

Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo……. All Aboard, next stop… The positive exciting path for your journey… Destination-Ecstatically Successful!

9 Key Elements To Having Fabulous Success in Direct Sales

9 very powerful key elements in The Direct Sales Industry are:

* Relax.
* Be Passionate.
* Believe.
* Smile!
* Handshake/ Conversation.
* Share and educate and not sell!
* Be Honest.
* Have Solutions!
* Be You!

It really doesn’t matter what your product is that you are selling. What is important is that you believe* in it and you are very passionate* about it. One of the reason’s I’ve been very successful in Direct Sales is because I could never sell anything I didn’t like and believe* in! Ever since I was young, I had to be very passionate* about what I was sharing and educating them with which caused me to relax* and deliver my message successfully.

Think of it as if you were sharing a good restaurant or movie with someone, you don’t think of that as selling because you are not getting paid for it, but you are passionate* about giving the information so the parties will have an enjoyable time, correct? You Believe*! They go and do what you have recommended; they bought into your belief!

Now as you are sharing* and educating* your product
with your customer, you should be able to deliver the product with confidence that your customer will ‘not return or cancel’ the merchandise but ‘will be a repeat customer who will also
send you referrals’.

(Tip: Sharing* and Educating* your product is offering your customer knowledge of what and why instead of must have. No body likes to be sold.)
You have (3rd party tools, brochures, DVD’s, samples, etc.)…Use them to give the message, you are not the message, you are the messenger)!

Right before you are meeting with your customer, take a deep breathe, in and out and relax* and, believe* you are sharing great information. BE YOU*! Smile* :) !

Shake their hand*- This will tell you if their personality is soft or aggressive, (allow them to grip your hand first and respond back with the same grip). Then you will be able to speak with them softly or more aggressively.

Whenever you are speaking with your customer, have complete eye contact and listen first to what they are sharing* with you and take into account what they are looking for. Allow them to talk as much as they want without interrupting them. Your turn will come.

(Tip: the one who talks the most…loses)

Be a fantastic listener and when it is your turn to speak, share* your product with a smile* and do not sell anything, share* and educate* your customers and they will buy.

Be honest*! If you think something is wrong with your customer’s purchase, don’t sell it to them just to make a sale, but find and have a solution* for them! As a matter of fact, they will buy anything from you because they can feel you sincerely care (you’re passionate*) and you are not a pushy sales person AND will you get REFERRALS!

(Tip: They might not buy from you right then and there, but they will refer you to others and they will come back to you when they are ready, never be pushy.)

Ok, you have now shared*, educated*, made friends and are ready to close. Close them!

Before you leave them, ask them if it is OK if you follow up with them in a week to make sure they are satisfied with (your product) or to answer any more questions they might have. Ask for referrals! “Who else do you know that might be interested?”
(don’t take it personally if they do not want to give out people’s information…) Solution, “I understand, (little chuckle), the world is crazy, can I leave you extra brochures to share with them and business cards? Awesome!
(Make sure your information is on everything you give out), so many times I have seen brochures without any contact information on it. Big Mistake!

(Tips: Consumers today are not use to good customer service anymore so when they receive it, they remember who gave it to them.)

Let them know it was such a pleasure helping them and you are looking forward to helping them in the future! Thank them!

(Tip: Send them a Thank You card in the mail, (not email) and always send them holiday cards!)

Here’s to you building relationships and your business! Go Get’em!

“Do today what others Don’t, so you can have the Tomorrow that others Won’t.”

Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo……. All Aboard, next stop… The positive exciting path for your journey… Destination-Ecstatically Successful!

Persistence Shows Confidence

“Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” –The Bible

My granddaughter, and just about every child I know believes that if they are persistent enough on asking the question that always receives a “NO”, eventually it will turn into a yes. I cannot tell you how many times my daughter’s 3 year old has asked for fruit snacks for breakfast. Every morning she pesters her mother, and every morning the answer remains a “No” and yet, she continues to ask. And finally, the morning came in the weak of the moment she gets her “Yes” and receives the Fruit Snacks! Funny how that works.

At what age do we begin to develop the fear of refutation?

As children we are fearless and as we grow older we develop the mentality that getting a no for an answer has become expectable. When we anticipate a situation to go negatively we avoid at all costs going down that path. Here’s the funny thing, we aren’t even sure what the answer or outcome will be, yet we are so terrified about
hearing the response, we just pass up the opportunity to ask.

Is there a way to train ourselves to have a child’s mentality again?

YES! The key is to have confidence in you. It all boils down to personal development. Find out what is blocking you from seeking the knowledge and conclusion you desire, and start taking action! Anytime you find yourself struggling to ask a question, tell yourself that the only way for people to know what you want is for you to tell them. Get over your fear, ask it once, and ask it two times if necessary, JUST ASK! If you don’t get the answer you are looking for and cannot figure out why they responded with that, ask why Persistence shows confidence, and confidence demonstrates that you are passionate about what you believe in. The only way to find an answer is to ask your question. Eliminate your fear, starting now!

Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo……. All Aboard, next stop… The positive exciting path for your journey… Destination-Ecstatically Successful!

Vision Boards / Dream Boards

How to make them and why they work. Seeing is Believing!

It doesn’t matter the individual, each of us have at least one thing
in common; we each have our wants and dreams. The thing that
separates most of us is some believe that anything is possible and
achievable while the rest of us make excuses on why we can never
grasp the things we wish for. Every now and then I along with
thousand of other leaders host something called a “Dream Board event”.

What are Vision / Dream Boards?

A piece of paper, cardboard, or poster board with several clippings of magazine or article pictures and words that describe or show what one desires most. It is believed that if you can put something on paper it is easier to focus on your goal rather then simply keeping it in memory. A dream board is a constant reminder on the things that you bust your hump for.

How can I make a Vision / Dream Board?

Not only can this be a creative and fun way to set your goals, but it can also give you something to imagine your rewards for dealing your stressful situations. Find something to paste your pictures, words, or quotes that mean something to you on. Then flip through magazines, brochures, anything that you can see yourself finding something that you would like in the future- cut it out. As you cut it out paste it on your board. Once your project is complete take a look at all of the things that you have posted and think of ways to seize them. Come up with figures if you would like. For example, something on my dream board is a treadmill. Let’s figure the treadmill that I want costs around $500. If I save $100 a week I could possess that in 5 weeks.

Wall-la! You can now make a dream board of your own. Stand back every day and look at your board visualizing how you can get all of those things! Once you have everything, make a new board! It’s that simple.

And if you don’t have the time to gather up the supplies you need to do your board, below is a great site for you to do it online! Have Fun!

Dream Big Because Everything is Possible!

Great Site to build your Vision/Dream Boards!

How would you like to learn about a tool that will help you achieve your goals and dreams faster and easier than you imagined possible?

Click on the link below to learn about a practical tool for you that can change the way you experience success.

It’s an on-line Vision Board that you create easily without downloading any software!

And, you can create up to 5 boards!

Features included when you create your boards:

• Choose from a variety of music to play when you view your Vision Board (or upload your own MP3 music).

• Choose from 1000’s of photos to use from the archives or you can even upload your own photos.

• Choose from a variety of inspirational messages and affirmations to add to your board or you can create your own.

• Once you create your Vision Board(s), click on an icon and you can view your board as a Flash movie or in an html Power Point like format.

• Editing and updating your Vision Board is as easy as point and click.

• You can view your Vision Board from any computer that has an internet connection.

• Share your board with a friend.

And much more!


If you See It – Believe It – you will RECEIVE IT!

Love & {{hugs}},


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*Your First Impression Is The Handshake!*

Meeting new people for me is so exciting, but I was finding that when I moved to a new place, it wasn’t so easy for people to accept me, I didn’t understand why. Where I came from, most everyone loved me. Hummm… I love people. So I had a talk with self and I asked myself, “Why is it so hard for me to meet new people and be accepted?” When I moved to New Hampshire 5 years ago, I had to learn how to communicate with others. I’ve been told I have a very strong New York dominating personality and I realized I was scaring off more people then I was making new friends. I had to think, what would help gain peoples trust in me and be more receptive to me. So I thought long and hard and I finally found the answer! It’s the Handshake!

Take Notice if You are Shaking Someone’s Hand Properly

**A handshake can tell a lot about a person and believe it or not there is a right and wrong way of something so simple.**

When you go to shake someone’s hand, take notice where your hand is being placed. If your hand is positioned on top this means either you or the person shaking your hand thinks that you are better then them. If you are positioned on the bottom, it means you or the person feels that you are the lesser of the two. Make sure your hands are parallel; this shows that you both are equal.

Next step, allow them to grip your hand first, if someone shakes your hand softly, this means you should speak to him or her softly, if it is firm, speak to him or her with more authority.

Communication through a handshake is very powerful and it is one of the key elements in getting to know who it is you are speaking with and it is YOUR first point of identifying with
this person and making yourself known!

And one more element to your first met and greet. When introducing yourself, make sure you look at your partner directly in their eyes and have constant eye contact. Wandering eyes is a dead giveaway of lack of confidence or respect.

I know for me this was the key to now having more friends in a new place and I am associating with more people then ever before. More doors are opening up for me and I am so happy I found a solution to building new relationships!

I truly hope this helps you develop the new relationships in your life. And when we meet, please come and shake my hand! I can’t wait!

Suc-cesssss,Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo…….All Aboard, next stop…

*How to Find Your Passion*

This topic is very dear to me and one of my favorites. I have been very successful helping others around the world understand how important it is to have ‘no regrets and hold no grudges’ and to find their passions to create an amazing lifestyle.

Are you ready to say ‘WOW’ and meet the inner you? Awesome!

Here’s a question for you…
Are you doing what you were born to do or what you were taught to do? (A friend of mine on twitter, Mary Allen asked this question and it hit home!)

WOW, think about that one for a moment… Are you doing what you were born to do or… what you were taught to do? Powerful question, yes?

Don’t miss understand me, I am not at all against education and gaining knowledge but I don’t believe that all the people I know that graduated college and have impressive degrees are getting ahead today! So that is why we need to find your passion.

Bottom line…the economy has stolen our dreams. Millions of us have lost our jobs, businesses and this has even destroyed our families. We are walking stress bombs just waiting to explode if you haven’t already. We are out of emotional control and it is time to take our lives back! Everyone is asking, “Which way do I go now?”


I am moving forward in my New Beginning!~ And I Love it! I’m Free!

What an amazing life after all! As soon as you get over the hurtle of pain, it is a WOW! There’s a bright light coming from the sky! It’s called the window of opportunity. Walk towards the light & I’ll meet you there! It’s all about you! Congratulations on your new life!

Suc-cesssss,Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo…….All Aboard, next stop…

What can 140 characters on twitter do for you?

Open up a whole new world of friends and opportunities!

I was so amazed that I could actually express myself with so little words and for them to be so powerful! 140 characters and that is it! This is when I realized the power of Social Media Networking and how powerful it could be used. Needless to say, I have made so many friends around the world that are likeminded and I realized that I would never have met them any other way. And that would have been a lose for me. I am enjoying first of all getting to know others and building relationships. Then you get to take advantage of going to the Social Media Events and all of a sudden, you are now standing in front of a person you only knew through a tweet and a friendship is now a bond! Talk about a warm market, this is a WOW!

I understood My Space, and Facebook, and I even enjoy . I knew millions of people were connecting with friends, family and old classmates. I knew people were giving updates, sharing pictures and much more. I think it is incredible for people to be able to connect from the comfort of their own homes and their workplaces (don’t worry, I won’t tell your boss). But the power of the people connecting is amazing and it is making people happy of all ages. So now we have these sites and also the dating sites. Again another way for people to meet and not feel intimidated because they have already shared thoughts, pictures and what ever else they desired. They meet online and then if they decide to take it one step further, they get dressed, look their best, feel great about themselves and meet in person at a place that is public and safe! What a wonderful world!

And now the world of Twitter! This is one of my favorites. I call this site the professional site and I absolutely love it. I enjoy building relationships and now I enjoy recommending people to others for services that they are looking for. I feel very comfortable with exchanging the knowledge I have received from others and I think they enjoy me as well. When you are in a place where others just want to connect and pay it forward all the time, that’s called a beautiful thing!

The best part about Social Media Networking, (and if you understand this, you will be able to take advantage of the SMN world!) So many of us have had this economy steal our hopes, dreams, homes, and our plans for the future. Our self-esteem is down, we are feeling self-worthless and thank G-d for SMN, now you can start to build relationships with others and you don’t have to leave your house yet. The most important word is YET.

Here is where you start to regain your self-respect and start rebuilding your dreams and mission so you can have a fantastic life and have fun!

You are creating relationships with people that you never know where it will lead you. You may be feeling stuck and you haven’t even felt like leaving your home, for whatever reason right, so you don’t get dressed and you don’t feel good, so why bother moving from the house, there is nothing out there to get dressed for, so you don’t. You are watching the box we call Television that is nothing but a box of bad news and negative crap. No wonder you feel like society is a black cloud. Here is my suggestion. TURN OFF THE TELEVISION and replace it with positive affirmations and fantastic peeps!

Well, here is where the puzzle comes together.

You tweet and then you tweet some more and before you know it, you have something in common with others and now you are make arrangements to meet for coffee and now you are starting to feel good about yourself again and you are looking forward to getting out. You are all feeding off of one another’s positive energy and getting great tips and ideas how to improve your life! And even if you can’t meet with people face to face, what it has done for me, is, I want to wake up early and get dressed as if I was going on the most important interview ever. I feel really great about myself so when I’m at my computer, I now project a positive feeling for all. I feel great, inspired and my world is amazing so when you read my tweets, you can feel my smile!

So why not come to Twitter and join in. . You will create your twitter name and your twitter site and before you know it, you will be reading tweets to help you put your life back together. Go get dressed, look in the mirror. You look fantastic and now you are ready to project a fabulous image!

Now you are feeling what I have felt… the Power of a tweet!

Remember to follow me on twitter. I can’t wait for you to arrive! Don’t forget to tell me you came from my site!

Please watch for my tele-seminars coming soon and seminars in your area. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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How to Use Social Media Networking To Help Recharge Your Life

Millions of people around the world are using Facebook, Myspace, Linked-In, Twitter, as well as the other Social Media Networking (SMN) sites. These sites started out to keep in communications with family and friends. Wow, that’s great, right? But this can also be used as a tool to meet new people, network with others that share the same interests or keep tabs on what other people are doing that you might have similar interest with. And let’s not forget about the dating sites! I have known many that have met and have very successful relationships.

For example, I met a wonderful woman, Deb Bailey, @powerwomenmagazine on Twitter. Never did I imagine that a few tweets (messages) here and there would have created a wonderful friendship that would also turn into me having a my own column on her online magazine,, call ‘Woobie’s Corner’. And I am also her guest speaker on her radio show on May 5th at 11:00am est.! (Please listen and call in, go to and click on radio show) Then I met another women named, Mel Robbins, and I was a guest on her radio show. And I can go on and on about all the doors that have and are opening for me. Would this be possible if not for Twitter, maybe, but it would be a lot harder and take a lot longer to connect with these wonderful people. (I take that back, I properly would never have connected with my new friends, they all live in different areas of the world.)

The power of Social Media Networking can really change your world by opening new doors of opportunity, if you use it correctly.

There is a right and wrong way to create a profile to communicate with others you have yet to meet. Countless times I have come across someone that has such a negative profile that I may not even want to respond to. I’m sure they are great people in general; on the other hand their profile pictures, posts, and comments say an entirely different thing. If you or someone else is looking to connect with someone on a business level, first make sure that your profile is presentable before making contact. What do I mean? Example: do not have your main profile picture where you are hanging out by a keg stand partying or giving the bird to the photographer. Another thing is make sure the information displayed on your profile is nothing personal that you would not want your boss, children, or parents to see. Keep in mind; your new contacts do not know you personally, so it will be hard to tell what may be sarcasm. Try to keep your profile as neat as possible. If you would like to have a separate business account from your personal account, this is fine just make sure your personal account is set to private since the two can easily be identified. Clue: Even though you’re behind the screen and not face to face, you still need to look good!

Once your account is created and ready for take off, let the communication begin! Search for people that you have an interest in and begin socializing with them about that topic but on a friendly basis not an advertising basis. You will be amazed at the knowledge you will retain from a complete stranger! The possibilities are endless when you connect with new people. Who knows, one day you might be a guest on a radio show, just like I have and will be!

OK, so here you go!

Find the SMN that you like and want to get involved with

Create an account

Search for others that you would like to communicate with and watch who they are communicating with, (people find new friends through new friends).

Keep your communication friendly, you are building relationships and share what you do, but keep it friendly and …

Have fun with it, just like any website that involves communication BE CAREFUL!

Remember to follow me on twitter. I can’t wait for you to arrive! Don’t forget to tell me you came from my site!

Please watch for my tele-seminars coming soon and seminars in your area. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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