Are You the Solution or The Excuse?

Time and time again I hear people complaining about why things can’t happen. I hear them say things are holding them back and if it wasn’t for…then I would be able to …. Yet there are so many that are able to be successful. Why is that?

Here is what I know through personal experiences. There are many obstacles that will stand in front of you. It is up to you to jump over them with great solutions and win the battle of “I cannot’s!”

In my book, “Tears of Fears Behind Closed Doors”, I shared with you my abusive past from childhood into marriage. I shared my story not for a pity party, but to share with you that everything is possible because of what we have been through. It is because of all the bad that has happened to me that made me who I am today.

So that is why and how I am able to share with all of you that everything is possible if you have the attitude that “I can”!

For every obstacle that comes your way and there will always be obstacles, it is best to look at the situation closely and instead of thinking there is no way you can overcome. Start thinking of solutions how you can make it possible!

I can share with you that when things are going on and I can’t control them or have no control and I am not in the drivers seat, I let them go and work on the workable and so can you.

The best thing anyone can do for you is to tell you “you can’t”! Please, accept this challenge and prove them wrong! Do all your research to succeed and move forward leaving your challenger in the dust!

It all starts with your mindset. So please from this moment forward, start accepting that not everything is in your power to change, but you can change what is in your power by coming up with solutions!

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Hold No Regrets or Grudges is my motto!

Being told I was nothing and will always be nothing and many more damaging things that can be verbally said to someone to totally destroy ones self-esteem. At the age of 26 I had started my life as a single mom and entrepreneur. I understand what it is to have all your dreams taken away from you and your belief of yourself robbed. I wrote my book this year that I pray has and will inspire all to understand that their dark past can bring them into a bright future! “Tears of Fears Behind Closed Doors” is a book to encourage everyone to appreciate what they have been through and that I totally understand because I have been there.

I have taken everything from my past and instead of allowing the dark clouds to surface above me, I have turned them around to create the earth underneath me to be stronger so as I walk on the path of success, it is my strength!

Everyone has a story and everyone can grow stronger because it is life’s experiences that make us who we are today!

Today at the age of 48, I am very successful as a motivational speaker, coach and author. My life is forefulled with the riches of rich, not only with income but also with lifestyle. I am extremely diversified and have had great success in many areas. Allow me to help you with yours today!

Please join me and grow stronger each and everyday! I am here for everyone and I pray that you all take full advantage of my gifts that I offer to you, the free e-book on this site and newsletters!

Please contact me and if you would like to purchase my book, you can do so right here on my web sites. (All Portions of the proceeds will be going to the March for the awareness of Domestic Violence that will be held in Oct. in Washington, DC)

With love to all!


aka ~~Woobie~~

Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo……. All Aboard,next stop… The positive exciting path for your journey…
Destination-Ecstatically Successful!


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