Are you Investing in Yourself? If Not…..Warning….

Warning…. This is a wake up call and there might be strong Lyn-Dee`izm’s throughout… read at your own risk…VERY POWERFUL!

So many times in our lives there have been different opportunities mentioned to us and there have been some that have been an eyebrow raiser and then we start looking at cost and we shy away from it. Not all opportunities are for you, but when the right one comes your way and it totally EXCITES you and you can feel it in your bones, it makes you say, YES, I understand and I think this is a WOW!

The first thing to do is absolutely, do your due diligence! Make sure the company is solid and worth your time and energy! And now here comes the Lyn-Dee’izms!

After you do your homework…, I don’t care what your background is, DO NOT OVER Analyze! If you are passionate about it and you are willing to allow others to help you that have already succeeded in the business, then follow the leaders and DON’T TRY TO REINVENT THE WHEEL! Learn as you earn!

One of my favorite lines is, “It’s ok to be a copycat as long as you are following the right cat!”

If your investment was for a home-base business, private or MLM or a brick and mortar business, there are leaders in every industry. Obviously you got into the business to succeed, correct? And there are things you’re going to want to do to succeed and that is pick the brains of the leaders and be a sponge. Do yourself a favor and everything you think you know about what you just endeavored, DON’T BE A KNOW IT ALL.

Being a leader and a mentor to millions across the world, I can tell you first hand, we all start in the same place and the only difference between leaders (mentors) and newbie’s is that leaders have learned the system and followed the leaders and will always follow the leaders who have made it to the top and have the lifestyle that you are drooling over. We have been through what you need to go through. We invest in ourselves. What does that mean? We read/listen to a lot of personal development and we are constantly going to trainings to keep getting better and fresher. For the newbie’s that are just getting started, the one thing that drives a leader crazy is trying to work with people that:

Challenge us:
#1. Think they know it all
#2. Over talk the leaders
#3. Does not want to follow the proven successful system that we all had to learn to get to where we are today and constantly challenge our advice! Why, because you THINK you know a better way…
#4. Doesn’t want to invest in themselves. Wieners, “I don’t want to pay for trainings, seminars, products. I don’t want to go to weekly meetings. Do I have too? Do I have to use the product I am selling? Trainings on Saturday’s, are you kidding me!” And then in the same breathe say, “I want to make $10,000.00 a month.”
#1. Forget everything you know and be a great listener and student. Learn as your earn and understand that one day you will be a leader IF you follow the proven system! Don’t be in a rush to be a leader. You will be much more respected if you are more open to being the student rather then trying to prove you are smart!
#2. Write down your questions till the end and if you have a leader helping you speak to someone about the products, DUCK TAPE YOUR MOUTH! Even if you want to add something to what the leader said and you think they should also say ,bla,bla,bla,bla…. (STOP YOURSELF), There might be a reason the leader didn’t say what you’re thinking and then again, you might have a great tip. Wait till the end and IF the leader ask you if you have something to add, then and only then should you add your tip. When adding your tip, don’t go into convincing mood, just say the tip and then allow the leader to address it. But never de-edify. There are reason’s leaders say things and don’t say things!
#3. Find the leaders that you want to work with. Consider yourself a 101 for dummy’s student. Listen, follow and copy the leaders! Be a sponge! Trust me, a true leader never wants you to fail. And a true leader will only allow you to be a jackass for so long before they turn you down to help you!
#4. You have to invest in yourself. You need to pay to be a part of certain trainings that enhance your abilities to be one of the greatest.
Yes, you can pick and chose what you want to attend…but know what to attend and not attend! STOP WIENING! And you need to treat your business as if it cost you millions to get involved in! And when did you make $10,000.00 per month and if you did, did you make it overnight? I don’t think so, then be realistic!

A true leader wants you to succeed and we are never trying to stand in your way. You have greatness within and I want see you have the lifestyle you have been dreaming of, why because you deserve it! It is your time so make the most out of the quality time you have with your leaders and soon, you will be helping others accomplish the greatness they deserve!

Cheers to your success ☺



4 Responses to “Are you Investing in Yourself? If Not…..Warning….”

  1. Hasheem Francis Says:

    Outstanding article, Our greatest assets are the ones we got for free (Our Mind). Be strong young lady and continue to shine. The World is watching. Also is great meeting you and your husband at the Orlando Business Briefing.

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It was wonderful meeting you as well. Together everything is possible and this is your year to shine! Let’s make 2010 the best ever.


  3. Lester Slotnick Says:

    Very informative post. I’ve found your blog via Bing and I’m really happy about the information you provide in your posts. Btw your sites layout is really broken on the Chrome browser. Would be cool if you could fix that. Anyhow keep up the good work!

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Lester,

    Thanks for finding me and letting me know about my site being broken on the Chrome brower. That is sad :( , I will absolutely get this fixed asap. :)

    Keep coming back and if you ever have any questions, please just ask.


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