A message to all Domestic Violence Victims


Please Watch “The Burning Bed” starring Farah Fawcett.


Please understand that things don’t change. No one has the right to make you feel guilty and there shouldn’t be any situation that makes you want to stay or go back. It is not your fault to have been beaten down and it is not your responsibility to make things right when things will always be so wrong.

You are no different then any other victim, your story is the same, just the names and faces change. Please, I am begging you to get out and be strong. The only way to stop Domestic Violence is if we all stick together and give each other strength to move forward.
Protect yourself, your children and your lives!

Sometimes we need to be reminded of what truly is the fact and watching the movie “The Burning Bed” is one for all of us to watch and realize…that things just don’t change and words are words but without the action of true recovery, they are just words that will lead to pain and suffering! The “I’m sorry, I love you and I don’t want to lose you, I’ll never do this to you again… are words of imprisonment.

Words that are uttered to you by the abuser or their family to stick and stay are words of poison and you now have the power within to say enough is enough! Make a difference by taking the first step to heeling and growing. You have so many ways to reach out for help, here is my hand, please grab it and let’s all help each other build a better tomorrow for future generations to laugh, smile and be strong!

There is a way out, call your local abuse centers and reach out to them. There are safe houses for you. Don’t allow any excuse to stand in your way of safety. No money, no where to go, no one to help…these are all excuses…there is help… just reach out and allow us in!

With many {{hugs}} and love…
Make today the day…

Please purchase my book and allow me to pour into you not only my experience, but how to get out safely and move on to have a wonderful successful life. You can do so by going to my store on my site. http://www.lyn-dee.com

(When you purchase my book, know you have now just helped a non-profit abuse center get one step closer to opening up a new safe house for all victims and their children. Portions of the proceeds from my book will be donated to various non-profit organizations).



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