“Marketing Yourself Using Your Personality”

When you look in the mirror…who do you see?

Cat / Lion

Whoever you see, that is who others see!

It all starts with the beginning of your new day

1. Have no regret and hold no grudges!

Everything you have ever experienced has made you who you are today!

2. Success is Voluntary – You MUST want it!

3. Find your balance and remember Attitude is Everything

4. What you think and what you do, will control what success you will have.

5. Life is way to short not to smile, laugh and enjoy such a beautiful place called earth!

**Have you noticed that when you smile at someone, they will usually smile back!
**Your Inner You will help you project who you are.

All Aboarrrrd…Let’s jump on this journey together and enjoy the ride!

As they say, a good first impression is everything. You project who you are by the way you feel about yourself, Agreed?… Good…
Some of us have to dig a little deeper then others to find themselves and their true passion, but here is where we are going to get it done!

What makes you smile? Write them down, all of them and as you are doing this, remember why it makes you smile and now… smile :O) Laugh with yourself.
When was the last time you enjoyed your own company? If ever.

Pick something out on your list, what ever it is, big or small and go do it! (This is your, “for me” list) By golly, you have a, to-do list, a grocery list, a shopping list, a kid’s list…what happened to your “for me” list? Now you’ll have one.
Example…, one of the things on my “for-me” list is enjoying a walk and eating an icy in a park…it is so wonderful…only a half hour, but it was my half hour…:O) lol

When you are smiling, the whole world smiles with you and when you’re frowning, the whole world runs from you, so if you start your day with ‘you’ first, everything else will just shine!

Trust me, my days don’t always start off rosy, but when it is my time to shine, I shine! You must stay focused and productive during the day, remember, the bill collectors don’t care about your woes…

If you waste your days sad and blue then it is true, you’ve wasted a few
If you spend your day’s dealing with what is within your control, you will always shine through!

This is called the “Pick and Choice Philosophy” which would you choose?

There are many successful methods when it comes to marketing yourself and your brand.

In order to build a strong relationship with others, you need to first broadcast yourself to the world, in a dynamic manner.

When you are out and about, act as if you don’t have a problem in the world!

**People don’t care if you have problems, they have their own…so leave your problems home, they will be there when you get back, meanwhile…shine as if you are a millionaire!

Build solid relationships with
“Like Minded People”

Who are you associating with? You are who you associate with, so if your top 5 people that you mostly associate with are successful, you will be successful, if they are negative, they will bring you down and you will have negative impact on your life, friends, family, home, career. If you want better for yourself, sometimes we have to let go of our surroundings to make it happen so new doors are opening for us all the time! I am not saying stop loving them, just stop hanging out with them. How do you find new friends to associate with, networking! Research where there are networking events going on that interest you and go meet and greet.

Remember… “People change when their surroundings change” A.J. Henchel

Here are some tips that will help promote you with just using yourself!

Present yourself appropriately.

Before leaving the house, get dressed. Make sure you always look presentable, even if you are just going to the grocery store, you never know who you will run into along the. Have your hair styled, make up on, clean-shaven, and please, please, please put on deodorant! There is nothing worse then engaging in a conversation with someone with body odor. (Crazy to have to add this, but I have met some people that…) Try to dress in a comfortable business yet casual style that works for you.

If you feel good about yourself, I guarantee you will feel great having conversations!

• Carry an Award Winning Smile and Take Notice of Your Posture.

**Everyone likes to see someone light up the room with a bright smile!
** Proudly display that wonderful smile that only you have.
** Always remember to stay positive. It’s better to be a Positive Polly rather then a Negative Nelly.
**Stand up straight and tall to keep a perfect posture. You will find that you will feel like you are on top of the world when you maintain a straight back and you will get a positive reaction.

Take Notice when you are shaking someone’s Hand.

**A handshake can tell a lot about a person and believe it or not there is a right and wrong way.

**When introducing yourself, make sure you look at the person you are speaking with directly in the eyes and have constant eye contact. Wandering eyes are a dead giveaway of lack of confidence, respect and truth.
**When you go to shake their hand, take notice where your hand is being placed. If your hand is positioned on top this means either you or the person shaking your hand thinks that you are better then them. If you are positioned on the bottom, it means you or the person feels that you are the lesser of the two. Make sure your hands are parallel; this shows that you both are equal.

Next step, allow them to grip your hand first, if someone shakes your hand softly, this means you should speak to him or her softly, if it is firm, speak to him or her with more authority.If someone shakes your hand softly, this means you should speak to him or her softly, if it is firm, speak to him or her with more authority.
Communication through a hand shake is very powerful and it is one of the key elements in getting to know who it is you are speaking with and it is YOUR fist point of identifying with this person and making yourself known!

When engaged in a conversation, be attentive and fully present.

Even if the person you are talking with is talking about nothing that you are interested in, stay focused. When it’s your turn to promote yourself, you will get what you have given. You just never know whom they might know, that you can get referred to. Networking is the key.

Try your hardest when communicating not to come off as a sales person.

Try to find an equal medium between being a businessperson and being professional. Try and stay away from pitching someone, unless they are looking and expecting to be pitched. Talk to everyone as if they could be your future business partner, prospect, or friend. I guarantee you will make more of an impression y then coming off as a pushy sales person! As long as you are passionate and sincere, everything just comes together!

**Remember, to read and/or listen to personal development. This will always help you be the best person you can and want to be!

Take A Moment!

Look around, look outside, did Mother Nature bless us with one of the most amazing beautiful days today? If the answer is yes, then PLEASE slow down and enjoy the gift that G-D has given us. Grab your morning cup of coffee, your lunch and take it to the park, relax and give yourself an “Appreciate Me” moment!

You Are


You are amazing!
Like me, you have many
reasons to “Pay it Forward”!

The whole key to this exercise is loving the image you see when you look in the mirror and to enrich your life in some way every day and the rest will follow!

Remember, people love to be around happy, positive people that will help make their days easier as well!

Just one more thing…


Now go and make it happen!

Make today the kind of day that will be a great memory for your tomorrows!


2 Responses to ““Marketing Yourself Using Your Personality””

  1. Tijen Dyson Says:

    Thank you for the training last night, it was just what I needed. I was driving and needed to pull over to take notes! I really appreciate you and your giving back to us. I was able to get a great exposure in after the call, I know I was glowing!
    Also, wanted to let you know that I’m a social worker and loved your book. I gave it to a client who is in an emotionally abusive relationship and she asked to hold onto it b/c she wants to do a project on it.
    Have a powerful day!

  2. admin Says:

    WOW! Thank you so much! We all need to hear great feedback. You inspire me to keep going as well!

    As for my book, thank you again, if your friend ever wants to talk to me and I can help you, her and everyone, please just contact me!

    Also, keep in mind that if your center or any organization wants to order several copies of my book, contact me directly and let me know. I will make sure there is a discount available.

    Please take advantage of my website as well and sign up for my free-e-book and newsletters!

    G-D Bless you and have a fantastic evening!
    Shine like only you can and keep making it happen!

    aka ~~Woobie~~

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