“If you don’t appreciate it, you don’t deserve it.”

Sometimes, some people, just make you go hummmmmmmm…..

If you are following me on twitter you will notice that through out the day I randomly post different quotes that I find both meaningful and helpful that not only benefit my every day life but also have the ability to brighten someone else’s day. You never know what challenges someone can be facing at that very moment and it’s a wonderful feeling being able to touch someone’s heart with a reminder that they are not alone in any given situation.

There is one quote that I retweet, [RT] on a regular basis by Terry Josephson, “If you don’t appreciate it, you don’t deserve it.” And for this reason. Many people for one reason or another forget to acknowledge the smallest of things and take them for granted or fail to even see what has been done for them. No matter the simplicity of the action, whether it’s someone emptying your garbage, giving you a compliment, doing you a favor or even a surprise. Make sure you always recognize what you have been blessed with.

A perfect example is the other day I was walking into a restaurant and held the door open for a middle aged couple and their 2 children. I could have easily walked in first, but instead I waited an extra few seconds so the family can approach and pass me by. What stumped me is neither of the 4 said “Thank You”Human Nature). But then I remembered all the times I have held the door for others and it was appreciated. And I smiled and realized, I feel sorry for those that walk with their head in their ass and I’m grateful for those that just give that polite smile and say thanks! or even smiled at the gesture and the fact they looked passed me, not making any eye contact or acknowledging that I waited the extra few seconds to do something polite for them, (like I was suppose to hold the door for them, like a doorman or something…), this made me want to revisit that moment and not open the door for them at all. (

(pondering thought) And to teach their children not to appreciate the small things others do for them is a whole other story. (Clue-watch your actions when you are around others that you have great influence over).

When something so small can be overlooked, I can only imagine the bigger things in life are just another fly on the wall. I do believe there are many words that are overused on a daily basis, however, I don’t think “Thank you” falls into that category.
Take into consideration that people don’t have to pay you that compliment, they don’t have to go out of their way- not for you, or anyone. But when they choose to do so, make sure that you show appreciation for the act of kindness by saying “Thank you” or returning the favor in some way or another.  Pay it Forward!

I guess the old saying will always carry on, “Do on to others as you wish  they do on to  you!”

If you come across something throughout your day that is as meaningful as a quote, or something that you find funny and appropriate, share your thoughts and what you have stumbled upon. You never know who needs the reminder, or more importantly.. the smile.

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This blog is dedicated to all of us that sometimes have a bad moment and take it out on others! Stop, think and remember, not everyone deserves your bad attitude!  Smile…you’ll get through it easier, if you just smile…



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