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How to Make 2012 Your Best Year Yet!

As we all settle into 2012, have you started moving towards your new years goals yet? Don’t allow your desires, your dreams to slip away as quickly as each week passes by. Take control of your journey and follow your passion and your future, stay on track with your goals that you thought about as 2011 was coming to a close.

Did you truly mean it when you said? “This new year is going to be different… it’s going to be my best year yet!”

You are Amazing…Just the way you are…..

There is a song that you should listen to while you are looking into the mirror and sing it to yourself out loud. ‘Just the Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars.

This song sincerely helps you appreciate and celebrate YOU! :O}
(warning – it might make you cry when you look into your eyes, because only you know how much pain is hidden inside.)

Dedicated to October, 2010 Domestic Violence Awareness Month * How To Become Powerful After Being Powerless

Dedicated to October, 2010 Domestic Violence Awareness Month

How To Become Powerful After Being Powerless

As a child being brought up in a home that there was no love, no support and no positive reinforcement, I grew to be more loving, more supportive and instill Positive Reinforcement to everyone that comes in contact with me. [...]

Laughter is Always the Best Medicine!

Crazy am I?  Oh, Yes I am!

How to Handle People That just Piss You Off!

Some People just like to create nagging noise…..
During any kind of dispute, allow all parties to speak their negative noisy bla bla bla bla bla completely without any interruptions, no matter how hard it is – bite your tongue. If you are in a yelling match, who wins? Nobody, neither are being heard. I’m always looking for the solutions to any situation.

I promise you if you follow these few tips, you will be a lot happier and more at peace with the results.

An Interview to Inspire You to Enjoy What You Are Passionate About!

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Nick Logan, who is one of the mentors for The Tribe Community that I belong to. This gentleman is so inspiring and just loves to help people get to where they want to be. He truly is a powerful force that 1000’s are attracted to his passion to help others. This is part 1 of 3. I hope that something that is said will bring you to a path that will help you find your passion and believe in yourself.

It’s All About Your Thoughts and How To Make Them Into a Blog

Every now and then you come up with something so good, so remarkable that it keeps you up at night and yet you forgot to write it down or recorded it somewhere, believing that you will remember it later and then you try so hard to remember, what the heck was it, ah man, it was so good….

(sound familiar)

Which Way Do I Go – What Am I Suppose to be Doing…

It is so easy to put off a today thinking that tomorrow will make up for the yesterdays we let slip away.

As children we get to play and allow fun to come before our chores, only to get scolded by our parents, known for a better lack of words as nagging. Once our chores are done, we can go and play. (So easy …. Yet even as children we ponder off into our own detours)…

Sugar Makes Your World Go Round…

Just a spoon full of sugar makes your world go round…

I want to help spark your days and evenings and sprinkle some sweetness your way!! Why do I desire to share a smile with you? :O) Because no matter what, you deserve a spoon full of sugar. We can do anything we set our minds to and as long as you carry an award winning smile within you, your outer you will shine and make your surroundings more welcoming and the results you’re looking to accomplish will be done!

What Does Being S.E.X.Y. Have to Do With Anything?

You know you want to be SEXY, so let me share with you how to be the most powerful sexy person on the planet. You will not need a pole for this one!


Stop the insanity of keeping your deepest desires hidden inside and go for it. If you get laughed at, so what. Laugh with them and go for it head-on! Fight your fears!

When Blockers Try To Stand in Your Way

We can let so many things get in the way of doing what needs to be done. We wake up one morning only to find that the ill fairy has blessed us with a feeling that we never want to feel. To feel as if something as taken over our bodies and try to destroy our energy into a weak and non-motivated,
non-productive state.

What are Your Goals and How Are You Planning to Get it Done?

Over the years I have always made it a point to:

#1- Create a dream board of all the things that I want for the New Year. I sit down with my family, spread out as many magazines as we could possibly find of stuff along with brochures of new homes, cars, trips, adventures and so on. We then as a family, each cut out what our dream desires are to have and we paste them on a board so we have a visual. We all have our own areas on the board or our own separate boards. We hang the dream board in our home where we can all look at it and strive for the goals of the material things that will reward us of our hard work.

What is…is… What Will Be Is Up To Me!

I had to learn a long time ago that no matter how much I wanted something for someone else or for them to treat me a certain way or an action to be taken to better the world, I only had control over me. My actions and the results I created. I live by the rule –ponder – pick and choose. This philosophy took me from frustration to now letting a lot roll of my shoulders.

A Christmas Wish and a Prayer for a Little Girl!

When you are blessed with so much, you are able to pay it forward in so many ways. Unfortunately, Christmas has turned into such a materialistic holiday that we loss sight of what it truly is all about. The letter below is about a very special little girl that ‘pays it forward’ and doesn’t even realize she is doing so. A brave little girl that already has blessed so many other children with her warm heart.

Are you Investing in Yourself? If Not…..Warning….

Warning…. This is a wake up call and there might be strong Lyn-Dee`izm’s throughout… read at your own risk…VERY POWERFUL!

So many times in our lives there have been different opportunities mentioned to us and there have been some that have been an eyebrow raiser and then we start looking at cost and we shy away from it. Not all opportunities are for you, but when the right one comes your way and it totally EXCITES you and you can feel it in your bones, it makes you say, YES, I understand and I think this is a WOW!

There’s a Voice to Be Heard, The Question Is, Will You Listen?

I am a firm believer that for every time I meet and speak with anyone, there is always a message. I learned a while ago that there is a reason that people enter our lives and once you accept that, you will grow from all your experiences that life has to offer. Don’t be so quick to shut off the world as if you did not hear what is being said!

Do you believe that when a voice is heard, the listener will grow? No matter what the lesson is?

“Silence is Great Brain Food”

How many times in my life did I just respond to a situation and didn’t even think of the words that would escape my month and then how badly I wished I didn’t say what I said? Only to say, “I didn’t mean it that way!”
What about you?

How many times did I wish I had re-phrased what I said?
What about you?

How many times did I wish I would have just walked away from a situation so I could have pondered, then came back after evaluating the circumstances?
What about you?

The answers to all the above for me is – MANY!

To Be The Best You Can Be!

If you can dream it, you can be it!
~~Walt Disney~~

Make the decision to Succeed!“Make the decision to Succeed!”

Everything is possible!

I was told at a very young age, you will never be anything like your sister and brother. You are not college material…bla,bla,bla….

Well, they were right, I never went to college and I am nothing like my siblings. I am the BEST of all three I am a self-taught success story. But here’s my secret….I was taught be following the right mentors!

My advice to you…

The Mind of An Abuser… What Makes Them Tick…

Let’s find out and dig deep:

I don’t understand why an abuser does what an abuser does. I don’t understand how they can treat women, children and animals so cruelly.

I was abused for 26 years…I know I don’t want to hurt others the way I felt pain and lived in darkness, so I broke the abuse chain…why don’t they? What makes an abuser tick…

Is it because:

• They were abused and bullied?
• They want to control because they were controlled?
• They were teased in school so badly because they were different?
• They were raped?
• They had a hard life?

…. Just a few questions to ask an abuser…and maybe give them a wake up call…

The Power and Control Wheel for Domestic Violence

This is something for you to view and to see if you can relate to any of these behavior patterns that are going on between you and your mate. If you can relate to any of them, please understand that you are in an abusive relationship and it is time to accept it and get out of this destructive place and come into a better place where you deserve to be!

The First Day of DV Awareness Month!

We are going to heal together, one moment at a time, one day at a time…watch this video and allow me in

If you could turn back the hands of time…

What would you do differently?

It never fails when I ask this question people have a list of things that they would change. This worries me and the reason is because if you could change your past, how could you have grown to be who you are today? And because you cannot change the things in your past, are you standing still and blaming it on your past?

A message to all Domestic Violence Victims


Please Watch “The Burning Bed” starring Farah Fawcett.

Please understand that things don’t change. No one has the right to make you feel guilty and there shouldn’t be any situation that makes you want to stay or go back. It is not your fault to have been beaten down and it is not your responsibility to make things right when things will always be so wrong.

I don’t think I am. Am I… in an Abusive Relationship?

For centuries there is one very common question. I don’t think I am being abused, am I? And it saddens me to think of all the tears that pour down our cheeks and how many times we blame ourselves and we don’t understand why or how this can be happening to us.

What Should I Look For In a Workout Partner and What Should I Do To Be a Great Workout Partner?

You give the same, as you should receive.


It’s all about Teamwork! Get on the Dance Floor!

If you are trying to accomplish anything and you are trying to do it alone, please realize it will take you much much longer or not happen at all! You will not grow.

Some people are so afraid that their ideas will be stolen or laughed at, where in fact they will grow with so much more ease if you allow others in to help you. An idea is a thought that one has and if you choose to share it, it will grow like wildfire because others will contribute their thoughts and ideas that you may not have thought of. And now you have a true masterpiece with a higher respect! Not to mention a BIGGER network…

10 Important Rules to Live By…

Life is good as long as you don’t and won’t allow the things that are not in your control…. to control you and your daily activities! Let’s just get it done!!!

1. There is always a reason to smile, find it. If you are having a bad day, laugh at it! We all have them, but many of us let what happens eat us up inside. Life is too short to let the little things get in the way. It’s much easier to over come hurdles with a positive attitude. Like Dr. Seuss said “Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened”.

“If you don’t appreciate it, you don’t deserve it.”

Sometimes, some people, just make you go hummmmmmmm…..

If you are following me on twitter you will notice that through out the day I randomly post different quotes that I find both meaningful and helpful that not only benefit my every day life but also have the ability to brighten someone else’s day. You never know what challenges someone can be facing at that very moment and it’s a wonderful feeling being able to touch someone’s heart with a reminder that they are not alone in any given situation.

There is one quote that I retweet on a regular basis by Terry Josephson, “If you don’t appreciate it, you don’t deserve it.” …

You are What You Watch, Read and Most likely the People you Associate With! Here is a Solution!

Everything you do makes you who you are. If you watch shows that are full of drama you tend to be full of drama. If you surround yourself around negative, depressing people who complain about everything and have every excuse in the world why they can’t or they get all caught up in lives drama, you are probably the same way. And if you’re not, you are allowing negative energy to manifest inside yourself, therefore there is no room for the positive affirmations to brighten your today, tomorrow and future.

Holding a Grudge is Like Drinking the Poison and Expecting the Other Guy to Die.

Forgive and Move On and Take the Knowledge With You to Grow…

As we go through life there are many people that will cross our path and for each person there is a lesson. For everything we do and we experience, there is a reason. How are you handling the good the bad and the ugly?

Please help make the Domestic Violence March Happen in Oct. and here’s how!

I greatly appreciate everyone doing what ever is in their power to help this march be as successful as possible. I am personally involved with this mission and I know together we can all make a difference. The two women that are heading up this march, Carissa Daniels and Joleen Louie are absolutely amazing and I just want to acknowledge them for all their hard work. Thank you Joleen and Carissa! And to all of you, thank you so much in advance!

Are You the Solution or The Excuse?

Time and time again I hear people complaining about why things can’t happen. I hear them say things are holding them back and if it wasn’t for…then I would be able to …. Yet there are so many that are able to be successful. Why is that?

Here is what I know through personal experiences. There are many obstacles that will stand in front of you. It is up to you to jump over them with great solutions and win the battle of I cannot’s!

You Say You’re Not a Salesperson? I beg to differ, EVERYONE is a Sales Person!

Let’s dissect this very easily so you understand, just because your description doesn’t say “sales…”, it does sell “knowledge” of what ever it is you do or have done. There for you have recommended something to someone to use or look into because you know it will benefit them, correct? Yes…

7 Steps to a Better You!

Nearly everyone wishes they could do something better, become stronger, happier, perhaps even a little bit wiser. I have created a 7 steps guideline for everyone to follow that can alter your life for the better. I can assure you if you carry out these 7 steps daily you will grow into the person you dream to be, little by little. Personal development is not something that can change you over night, just like if you go to the gym for one day you will not see results. I can guarantee if you stay consistent, within time you will see the outcome you hoped for.

Are you a Product Of your Product?

So many times I hear, “I’m not going to buy it, I just want to sell it”. I can’t afford it right now, but when I make some money, I will buy.” Right there is a RED Flag. In order for you to believe in and have passion for helping others use what you have to offer, you MUST be a product of the product.

“Marketing Yourself Using Your Personality”

As they say, a good first impression is everything. You project who you are by the way you feel about yourself, Agreed?… Good…
Some of us have to dig a little deeper then others to find themselves and their true passion, but here is where we are going to get it done!
What makes you smile? Write them down, all of them and as you are doing this, remember why it makes you smile and now… smile :O) Laugh with yourself.
When was the last time you enjoyed your own company? If ever.

How to Build a Successful Home Base Business (MLM) and Make a Six-Figure Income

When you are involved with MLM and you want to work from home there are a few things you must know and take into consideration to be successful.

Taking the Advice Your Mentors Recommend.

How many books have you read and are you reading?
How many audio’s have you listen to and are you listening too?

Just don’t read and listen to them, apply the knowledge that is given to you from them. I have heard it over and over again, I read _______ and it was a great book, I got a lot out of it. My reply, “that’s great, what steps have you taken to get the results you want?” Answer more then none… “I haven’t done anything, I’m too busy, but I will…”

Take Charge by Defeating Your Inner Criticism

Whether we like to notice it or not, how we feel about ourselves plays a huge role in our every day lives. Lets face it, the more superior we consider ourselves to be the easier it is to overcome every day challenges and objections. There is only one way to attack the negative aspects in our self-esteem, and the key is thru personal development. Once we are able to pinpoint our individual demons it will be easier to take on bigger and harder projects. Today’s assignment is to increase our self worth and I will personally assist you with ways to guide you on the path to a positive attitude, with just a few short steps.

9 Key Elements To Having Fabulous Success in Direct Sales

It really doesn’t matter what your product is that you are selling. What is important is that you believe* in it and you are very passionate* about it. One of the reason’s I’ve been very successful in Direct Sales is because I could never sell anything I didn’t like and believe* in! Ever since I was young, I had to be very passionate* about what I was sharing and educating them with which caused me to relax* and deliver my message successfully.

Persistence Shows Confidence

My granddaughter, and just about every child I know believes that if they are persistent enough on asking the question that always receives a “NO”, eventually it will turn into a yes. I cannot tell you how many times my daughter’s 3 year old has asked for fruit snacks for breakfast. Every morning she pesters her mother, and every morning the answer remains a “No” and yet, she continues to ask. And finally, the morning came in the weak of the moment she gets her “Yes” and receives the Fruit Snacks! Funny how that works.

Vision Boards / Dream Boards

It doesn’t matter the individual, each of us have at least one thing
in common; we each have our wants and dreams. The thing that
separates most of us is some believe that anything is possible and
achievable while the rest of us make excuses on why we can never
grasp the things we wish for. Every now and then I along with
thousand of other leaders host something called a “Dream Board event”.

*Your First Impression Is The Handshake!*

Meeting new people for me is so exciting, but I was finding that when I moved to a new place, it wasn’t so easy for people to accept me, I didn’t understand why. Where I came from, most everyone loved me. Hummm…
I love people. So I had a talk with self and I asked myself, “Why is it so hard for me to meet new people and be accepted?” When I moved to New Hampshire 5 years ago, I had to learn how to communicate with others. I’ve been told I have a very strong New York dominating personality and I realized I was scaring off more people then I was making new friends. I had to think, what would help gain peoples trust in me and be more receptive to me. So I thought long and hard and I finally found the answer! It’s the Handshake!

*How to Find Your Passion*

I have been very successful helping others around the world understand how important it is to have ‘no regrets and hold no grudges’ and to find their passions to create an amazing lifestyle.

I am moving forward in my New Beginning!~ And I Love it! I’m Free!

What an amazing life after all! As soon as you get over the hurtle of pain, it is a WOW! There’s a bright light coming from the sky! It’s called the window of opportunity. Walk towards the light & I’ll meet you there! It’s all about you! Congratulations on your new life!
Suc-cesssss,Suc-cesssss, Suc-cesssss, WHOOOOoooooooo…….All Aboard, [...]

What can 140 characters on twitter do for you?

Open up a whole new world of friends and opportunities!

I was so amazed that I could actually express myself with so little words and for them to be so powerful! 140 characters and that is it! This is when I realized the power of Social Media Networking and how powerful it could be used. Needless to say, I have made so many friends around the world that are likeminded and I realized that I would never have met them any other way. And that would have been a lose for me. I am enjoying first of all getting to know others and building relationships. Then you get to take advantage of going to the Social Media Events and all of a sudden, you are now standing in front of a person you only knew through a tweet and a friendship is now a bond! Talk about a warm market, this is a WOW!

How to Use Social Media Networking To Help Recharge Your Life

Millions of people around the world are using Facebook, Myspace, Linked-In, Twitter, as well as the other Social Media Networking (SMN) sites. These sites started out to keep in communications with family and friends. Wow, that’s great, right? But this can also be used as a tool to meet new people, network with others that share the same interests or keep tabs on what other people are doing that you might have similar interest with. And let’s not forget about the dating sites! I have known many that have met and have very successful relationships.

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